News: ESPND: Pete Carroll: Monte Kiffin back where belongs

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    By Todd Archer |

    INDIANAPOLIS – Pete Carroll counts Monte Kiffin as one of his most important mentors, and the Seattle Seahawks coach believes Kiffin is back where he belongs: in the NFL.

    “I think he brings a tremendous wealth of knowledge and understanding, an extraordinary ability to analyze and evaluate and his communication skills with the players on this level,” Carroll said. “I think there was some issue for him in college that he was just so far out there with how he coached and what he understands and what it takes to play on this level that it didn’t translate as easily as he would’ve liked (in college). I think the Cowboys are lucky to get him, and I think he’ll be a great asset.”

    Carroll was a graduate assistant for Kiffin at Arkansas in 1977 and when Kiffin took over at N.C. State, Carroll became his defensive coordinator from 1980-82.

    “We’re real disciplined to our scheme,” Carroll said. “We’ve always been a very, very disciplined group, and it stated way back when about doing things right and execution. It’s not just slugging guys and running around and hitting. You think it would be, but there’s a lot to it. So it’s a very disciplined approach to the game, play with speed whenever we can. A real aggressive style is how we’ve done it and all those kinds of phrases started with Coach Kiffin a long, long time ago for me.”

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    I'm a sucker. Just can't help it...I'm looking forward to this season.

    If they can just have a strong offseason to get the momentum going!:starspin
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    Me too....Monte Kiffen and Rod Marinelli are two of the best hires in a long time....the foundation for a solid defense is set. Now with a good will be on like DONKEY KONG........:laugh2:
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    One problem, Jerry Jones is still doing the grocery shopping and he likes to overpay for his existing goods.

    I do love the 4-3 d and think Crawford will do well for Kiffin.
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    And to think some people doubt the guy will have this defense going in the right direction...

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