News: ESPND: Players don't notice difference in plays

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    Jun 12
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    By Todd Archer |

    IRVING, Texas – The day after Jason Garrett acknowledged that Bill Callahan would call plays this season, two players involved in the change don’t believe it matters much.

    “This system has been in place for a long time and we’ve had success with it,” tight end Jason Witten said. “That was part of the process they worked out. It’s our job to execute the plays and keep getting more familiar with the system.”

    The types of plays Callahan calls in certain downs and distances could be different than what Garrett has done, but Dez Bryant notices nothing different.

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  2. TheCount

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    Obviously. Calling plays in practice wasn't where Garrett struggled.
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    The majority of players are totally stupid in big money sports. That's my experience from working with Champions League level soccer players. You can tell them the same things and correct them over and over again, and still they're unable to really understand. They can't grasp nuances and typically believe that their talents are enough to succeed. It isn't for most of these guys.
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    I would think players would not see much differance in plays since Garrett and Callahan work together last season in forming game plans for offense.

    While Callahan may call plays Garrett will still be in the loop and will still have say over what they are doing.
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    I totally disagree with this statement. That's like me saying the "majority" of people who post on message boards are stupid.

    You don't make big money by being stupid. You can be uniformed, unsophisticated, inexperienced, inmature, ignorate (lack of knowledge), inept and a whole lot of other things to describe not being taught what is required in the field in which you're engulfed.

    I just think stupid is inappropriate for young athletes who are used for their athletic ability (on all levels of the game from pee wee to professional) and more times than not are not nutured in critical thinking and anything else that can be utilized to succeed outside of their natural athletic ability.

    It just reads like you're saying they're stupid and that's just the way it is.
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    I can assure you of one thing that is true at every level of football, from peewee through high school and past college to the NFL.

    The play being called is NOT nearly as important as how the players execute the play. Few great offenses are excelling and scoring lots of points because they are tricking anyone. The whole concept of the audible is that the offense seldom runs a play that cannot work against the defense.

    It all comes down to who executes best...offense or defense, and yes, part of that execution depends on the quality of the players, including the linemen. The other part of execution is based on coaching and practice in preparation for game day.
  7. Risen Star

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    He didn't struggle in games either.
  8. Risen Star

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    Smart man.

    The play caller is a fan crutch when you don't have good enough players. Blame him. It's an easier fix.

    Bill Callahan will do absolutely nothing to improve the offense this year. Just like he did absolutely nothing to improve the offensive line last year. Because he's not a better offensive mind than Garrett nor a better play caller. Get better talent and both will look like geniuses, but more so Garrett.

    With even an average OL, the Cowboys would have one of the most potent offenses in football under the play calling of Jason Garrett.

    This was a re-arrange of deck chairs. More for show than any substance.
  9. Wood

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    What Jason Witten didn't realize is that his comments don't fit in nicely with certain group of fans who thinks this teams failures mostly are Garrett inability to game plan on offense. As soon as Callahan makes his own mistakes...that same group with then turn their attention to Callahan as their new whipping boy. At some point in their lifetime, that same group with come to conclusion it was more the players who were running things on the field who were mostly responsible.
  10. TheCount

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    Like hell he didn't.

    As far as most players being dumb, that's ridiculous. There may be some stupid players, but it's just as likely that the teaching methods are the problem.

    If you explain something 5 times to someone and they a till don't get it, chances are your explanation is the problem.
  11. Chocolate Lab

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    I don't know where you get this. There's really no evidence for it.

    The crutch is acting like every OC/playcaller is the same and the players are the only difference. That doesn't even make sense.
  12. RastaRocket

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    I don't think play calling was a problem either. To me, the line is limiting the offense. An improved line will lead to improved execution. Our run game was never able to get established behind the line last season and by the second half we were forced into one dimension; playing catch up with the passing game which resulted in turn overs.

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