News: ESPND: Randle ready to join productive rookie class

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    As he recovered from thumb surgery in the spring, he saw Travis Frederick take the center job from the first day. In training camp he saw wide receiver Terrance Williams and tight end Gavin Escobar earn spots on the offense. During the season he saw J.J. Wilcox get promoted to a starting safety spot.

    Randle gets the chance to join his fellow Dallas Cowboys’ draft picks at the table.“This is my chance to earn my check,” Randle said.

    “I was at the point where I was feeling like, ‘Man, I just want to do anything I can to help the team whether it’s practicing as hard as I can on the scout team to give the defense a look,’ or what,” Randle said. “I was trying to find my role on the team.”

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    who gets credit for this draft? and the 2011 draft? For a team that has seemed to not want to play rookies we have seen two take starting jobs from day one, and one take the starting job putting the previous starter on the street. I realize randle is being forced to start and we don't know how things will play out but nobody can say we haven't seen an immediate return on our draft picks this year. You can only wish that you get three starters in a draft class after three years but sunday we will start 4 rookies. Some of these guys may flame out, or be a decent starter that we are always looking for someone better but regardless we are in good shape for depth at the very least going forward at a number of positions. Dline will need to be a priority next year.
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