News: ESPND: Random Thoughts: Lance Dunbar the answer at RB?

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    By Calvin Watkins |

    After reviewing the Cowboys' 19-13 loss to the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday night, we offer up some thoughts on what we've seen and heard.

    Here's our weekly Random Thoughts.

    1. It looks like DeMarco Murray won't play this week against the Philadelphia Eagles, and if that's the case it means Felix Jones will get the start again. But after watching Jones rumble for 39 yards on nine carries, it should be worth noting Lance Dunbar (North Texas) picked up more carries as the No. 3 back over No. 2 back Phillip Tanner. Dunbar carried eight times for 26 yards and Tanner had just one carry Sunday night. Coach Jason Garrett said Tanner's special teams duties pushed the Cowboys to give more carries to Dunbar. It was a smart move, but maybe Dunbar should start at Philadelphia. It's not like Jones has torn up opposing defenses. Maybe moving Dunbar to the starting role could give the Cowboys a change of pace necessary for a weak running game. Dunbar seems shiftier and quicker than Jones.

    2. Dez Bryant is a talented player who needs the football. Tony Romo targeted Bryant four times during Sunday's game, but he should have gotten more throws his way. Bryant looked open numerous times as the Falcons played off coverage. It seems Romo isn't confident enough to give Bryant a chance to make catches while defended. You have to give playmakers chances to produce plays and the Cowboys are not doing it with Bryant, at least they didn't against the Falcons. Bryant is strong enough to make catches with defenders on him and fast enough to make catches downfield.

    3. Yes, Morris Claiborne got beat a little bit by the speedy and talented Atlanta receivers, but sometimes we forget he's a rookie. Claiborne is a talented player who can jam with success and has the speed to catch up with receivers if he's behind a step. Claiborne is being challenged by opposing quarterbacks and that can only make him better as a corner. He's not afraid to go after receivers, and despite surgery to his wrist and a sore knee that's bothered him most of the season, he's playing physical.

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    Mo Claiborne is going to a heck of a player for the Cowboys...
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    Glad to see Harris mentioned. Hope he will get more punt return opportunities and maybe even a few passes his way.
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    Yeah. Watkins. What we need to be doing is throwing to Dez *more* when we're not sure where's he's actually going to be in his route. Tony probably forgot about him, or something.
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    Watkins is the same guy who said that Jerry needed to give total personnel control to Garrett when he became head coach, then when JG fired Ray Sherman, wrote that Jerry should have stepped in and said no.

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