News: ESPND: Ryan: No need to make Orlando Scandrick starter

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    Oct 21
    PM CT
    By Tim MacMahon

    IRVING, Texas – Orlando Scandrick is paid like a starter. He played like a starter Sunday against the Patriots.

    But there are no plans to make Scandrick a starter this season.

    “When things aren’t broke, you don’t fix them,” said Ryan, whose unit ranks fifth in the NFL in total defense. “We’re very talented out there on the corner with Terence Newman and Mike Jenkins. And Scandrick, [Alan] Ball and Frank Walker are all damn good corners right now as well.”

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    It's funny, I heard the Lunch Break crew sort of denigrating Frank Walker this past show. I think for a 5th CB Walker has played pretty darn well.
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    Don't waste your time listening to those folks. You know as much as they do! Heck, we all do!
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    I agree. Walker has fit in well for the role he is taking on. When we were dealing with the rash of injuries to Jenkins, Newman and Scandrick at different times Walker has been able to come in and do a decent job.

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