News: ESPND: Sean Lee's study habits are paying off

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    Cowboys linebacker and defensive playcaller putting in the time to be successful

    By Todd Archer

    IRVING, Texas -- Sean Lee must have an understanding girlfriend.

    During the week, he will arrive at the Dallas Cowboys' Valley Ranch facility at 6:45 a.m. He does not pack up for home until 12 hours later. After dinner, but before he calls it a night, he will study some more.

    "Out of season's great," Lee said. "There's plenty of time. In season, she understands."

    In only his second season, Lee's maniacal ways have become legendary. He borders on the obsessive, although his locker is hardly the sign of a neat freak. As a rookie, he would beat himself up over every small misstep, expecting perfection. This season, he has become the signal-caller of the Cowboys' defense.

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    Wow Lee is on pace for almost 200 tackles and 8 interceptions this year. That is insane. I don’t think he will get there but anything close to those numbers will be unreal.
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    Lee is quickly becoming my favorite Cowboy. I hope he takes Bruce Carter under his wing in terms of off field study habits.

    These 2 have the potential to be dominating together for the next decade.
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    this guy is turning into a truly great player
    if carter has any sense he will learn from him
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    In the words of the Big Tuna... "That's one football playing dude!"
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    It is all that time in the film room that allowes him to know where the opposing team is going with the ball on any given play and where he needs to be to make the play. One thing about Lee he does not chase the play he knows where the play is going. Even on running plays this guy is cutting through the gap and on top on the ball carrier pretty quickly
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    When you combine good athleticism with smarts and hard work, you get star players. Some guys just have it in them to prepare harder than anybody else, and when they're blessed with physical talent too, they become amazing players.

    Lee is an absolute delight to watch play ILB, and he's only going to get better with time. The great thing is that if other guys on the team take a cue from him, they'll improve their study habits too. I know Ed Reed credits Ray Lewis' work ethic with helping him become as good as he is.
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    I agree I also think we will see Lee become more of a vocal leader on this defense as time goes on.
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    I absolutely love this kid. I just love the work ethic and how it's clear he wants to be the absolute best he can possibly be. I hope this rubs off on more and more of the players.
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    Love hearing this from a vet that has been there and done it. Keith should know. We got ourselves a good one people!!

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