News: ESPND: Shallow WR pool almost sinks Cowboys

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    Miles Austin's absence more painful for Tony Romo than fractured rib vs. Redskins

    By Tim MacMahon

    ARLINGTON, Texas -- There won't be many more frustrating wins in Romo's career. For a quarterback who has been criticized for not being a take-charge guy, he sure spent a lot of the night at Cowboys Stadium ranting at teammates.

    "Tony had some words for me, not all of them warming, but it's all good," said receiver Kevin Ogletree, the subject of several rants. "It's tough love."

    Added Romo, who completed 22 of 36 passes for 255 yards but had his 20-game touchdown streak snapped:

    "There were a lot of mistakes that didn't sit well with me. We'll correct that tomorrow. That's part of the game, especially when you have young guys."

    Read the Ogletree's take (Hilarious):
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    Hey Olgetree it's called knowing your assignments! You've been in this system for 3 years now!

    Ok I'm officially done with this chump... SMH!

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    Otree over
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    Goose said this am that he thinks Robinson starts this wkend, solving one issue. [I reckon this will free up The Tree to run bubble screens ad infinitum.] Says [Mr.] Robinson's [neighborhood] is an excellent route runner, reliable, real pro and Romo needs that stability right now. But as long as Romo has Witten he always has a chance even with Miles still ailing.

    'Nother note, and I paraphrase, Goose thinks Det front four is the best we've seen in many moons. And facing Stafford then Brady is a world of difference from Alex Smith, Sanchez, and Wrecks. So true.

    This Dallas O must get rolling again pronto.

    Also made a good point about the OL and how it takes 6 years or more for them to gel and clearly this unit is green to begin with, plus they're was missing reps during the lockout. Could take another 8 wks to learn about this unit, esp run blocking.

    But can Romo endure their learning curve?
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    Robinson looks like a good pick up, I think he has a chance to do well in time.

    Ogs disappoints more each week. He has physical skills but either lacks brains or motivation to learn the playbook.

    Our oline has a lot of work to do this week, Romo might not get out of the 1st quarter.
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    "Tony had some words for me, not all of them warming, but it's all good," said receiver Kevin Ogletree, the subject of several rants. "It's tough love."

    No son, it's not 'all good'. This is your wake-up call that your NFL career is in serious jeopardy.

    You can either realize that you need to work harder to keep playing at the NFL level or you can keep doing what you've been doing and throw this opportunity away.

    The choice is yours.
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    It's interesting that Romo seemed more in sync with Robinson last night than with receivers who have been with the team a few years.

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