News: ESPND: Source: CB Mike Jenkins to report Wednesday

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    Jul 23
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    By Calvin Watkins |

    Cowboys cornerback Mike Jenkins will report with rookies and injured players to start training camp Wednesday, according to a source.

    Jenkins missed voluntary workouts because he was irked by a lack of progress regarding a new contract, but he did report for mandatory workouts. He hasn't yet been medically cleared to practice as he's still recovering from offseason shoulder surgery.

    The veteran cornerback played through neck and leg injuries last season and, despite having just one interception, finished tied for the team lead with 10 pass breakups.

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    that right there tells you how sorry our cb position was last year. Jenkins in and out the line up tied with the team lead in pass breakups with only 10.

    And you people wonder why we went after cb's hard this offseason. Rob ryan wasn't bs'in when he said he is looking at cb's only. Hopefully clayday and our brand new "carr" can change this crap we have been fielding. I would love for one of our young safeties to step up also. Thanks santa:laugh2:
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    According to you can see how Dallas' starting trio ended up ranked against other pass defenders (Stat: Passed Defended among DBs):

    1 Brandon Browner SEA CB 29
    2 Tramon Williams GB CB 26
    3 Darrelle Revis NYJ CB 25
    3 Lardarius Webb BAL CB 25
    5 Brandon Flowers KC CB 24
    5 Carlos Rogers SF CB 24
    5 Charles Woodson GB CB 24
    8 Corey Webster NYG CB 23
    9 Kyle Arrington NE CB 22
    10 Richard Sherman SEA CB 21
    11 Eric Wright DET CB 20
    12 Tarell Brown SF CB 19
    12 Brandon Carr KC CB 19
    12 Antoine Cason SD CB 19
    12 Jabari Greer NO CB 19
    12 Joe Haden CLE CB 19
    12 DeAngelo Hall WAS CB 19
    12 Chris Houston DET CB 19
    12 Johnathan Joseph HOU CB 19
    12 Patrick Robinson NO CB 19
    12 Stanford Routt OAK CB 19
    22 Eric Weddle SD FS 18 (first non-CB)

    ... (big drop)

    56 Terence Newman DAL CB 12
    82 Michael Jenkins DAL CB 9
    109 Alan Ball DAL CB 7
    147 Orlando Scandrick DAL CB 5
    147 Gerald Sensabaugh DAL FS 5
    167 Frank Walker DAL CB 4
    -- Abram Elam DAL SS 0
    -- Danny McCray DAL DB 0
    -- Barry Church DAL DB 0
    -- Manny Silva DAL DB 0

    Two LBs had as many passes defended as Newman and Patrick Willis and Rolando McCain were better.

    Consider that the difference between a defended pass (the ones that aren't intercepted) and a sack (that don't result in lost fumbles) are yards lost and you can better feel the difference between average and elite corners.
  4. big dog cowboy

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    This news kind of flew under the radar.
  5. Hostile

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    It is positive, so naturally.
  6. CowboysYanksLakers

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    Nice to see him here... Hopefully they can get shoulder healed up!
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    In Jenkins' defense, opposing QB's last year spent most of their time picking on Newman, Scandrick, and Ball. There were simply not a whole lot of balls coming his way when he was on the field.
  8. ravidubey

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    Jenkins was just as culpable as the others. In the NFL you must remain healthy and Jenkins' could not do that. That list above, that he's tied for 82nd on, starts with the guys who clearly out-performed him and who took their conditioning seriously.

    Imagine what Darelle Revis, already with 25 passes defended, might have done "if more passes went his way". Or if he had the kind of pressure in front of him that Ware and the Cowboys generated last year.

    That's the kind of corner play we should be aspiring to. Jenkins gets no benefit of the doubt from me. I see a guy who had one good season and became content.

    Sorry, that's not NFL-worthy.
  9. RoyTheHammer

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  10. HoyaParanoya

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    I agree with that. This is exactly why you keep a motivated Jenkins for this season (contract year) while Claiborne acclimates to the NFL level and let him have another un-motivated season elsewhere next year.

    That said, I think he has the possibility of looking real good this year with the combination of other quality corners around him and playing with a chip on his shoulder (no pun intended).
  11. The Natural

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    lmao, nobody outside of Ware generated a pass rush last year. You're letting your hatred of Jenkins cloud your judgement
  12. Doomsday101

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    I fully expected Jenkins to be here. What happens next year will happen but it does not help Jenkins by becoming a problem player or not playing well. Be it in Dallas or else where teams do not pay out big cash for bad players or locker room cancers.
  13. cowboy_ron

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    in other news water is wet
  15. ravidubey

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    Dallas as a team was tied for seventh in the NFL in sacks. The Jets were tied for 17th.

    So let's say you're letting your homerism for Jenkins cloud your judgment :).
  16. ravidubey

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    Thanks for that insight "RoyTheHammer". Are you saying Jenkins wasn't tied for 82nd among defensive backs in passes defended?

    Take it up with
  17. CoCo

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    Are you blaming Jenkins health issues last year (ie the shoulder) on him not taking his conditioning seriously?

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