News: ESPND: The hate for Tony Romo

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    Feb 9
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    By Calvin Watkins |

    Forbes released America's Most Disliked Athletes this past week, and I was surprised to see Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo on the list.

    Romo is 10th.

    The interesting thing about Romo is his off-the-field antics have been nothing to worry about. He plays soccer and basketball in the offseason, has had a few celebrity girlfriends, visited Cabo during the bye week of the playoffs in 2007, and last year donated $1 million to Dr. Tony Evans' Urban Alternative to help raise money for a national Church Adopt-A-School initiative.

    He's never been in trouble with the law. Never been popped for PEDs. He's played in pain and challenges his teammates in private and in public settings.

    So why the hate?

    Romo plays for America's Team, the Dallas Cowboys, and with that comes expectations. Since becoming the starter in 2006, Romo has won one playoff game and is 1-6 in win-or-go-home games.

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    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    Opinions on Romo, the player, are varied and even deserved IMO. However, opinion on Tony Romo, the person should not be. None of us know Tony Romo well enough to speak indepthly about who Tony really is but we do know him by his deeds. We know that he's a guy who is respectful. We know he's a guy who is generous. We know he's a guy who is likeable. We know he's a guy who would stop in the middle of a rain storm to change the tire for an elderly couple and never try to use it as a PR op.

    I think we know him by his deeds and those do not say he is a bad guy. Say what you want about Romo as a QB but anybody who says Romo is not a stand up good guy is full of crap.
  3. john van brocklin

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    Yep , I don't get the hate. 1M is a lot of money to give to charity.
  4. BringBackThatOleTimeBoys

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    Say it again, if Romo was playing to a small-market team like Jacksonville he would not be on the hate list.
  5. BlueStar3398

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    The local media couldn't WAIT to pick up this story and run with it.

    Now, there's another local story about the Rangers now being more popular in DFW than the Cowboys. They love to bash the Cowboys. :rolleyes: Is it the same way in other cities? Do they bash their local pro football team like DFW does?
  6. Vanilla2

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    They just know the fan base.
  7. BringBackThatOleTimeBoys

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    I would not rule out Raiders fans shifting loyalities to the 49ers or A's. Or the Patriots becoming more popular than the Red Sox.
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    Romo has never done anything despicable like everyone else on that list. In fact, he's been the antithesis of the rest of the guys on that list. Nothing but a complete stand up, humble guy that works his butt off day in and day out and never sought out media attention. I have my opinion as to his performance and viability as our QB, but to dislike him it can only be because you hate all things Cowboys. He's one of the classiest players we've ever had. And yet murderer Ray Lewis doesn't even show up on that list is saying something....something sick and pathetic about the people voting
  9. Arch Stanton

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    Oh the irony.......Calvin Watkins!
  10. Shiloht88

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    He is the Qb of America's team. He isn't going to be well liked outside of Cowboys fans. Some of our fans dislike him because some consider him to be chocker or someone who can't win the big game. Nationally I get the hate. From our fans I don't, he is the biggest reason we are even competitive. The hate is misplaced by our fans. There is one man responsible for Dallas's mediocrity and it isn't Tony Romo. For that matter it isn't the coaching staff either.
  11. BringBackThatOleTimeBoys

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    I'm going to inject a couple of scary thoughts here by doing an alternative football history.

    Imagine the Cowboys the past couple of decades without:
    1. Bill Parcells
    2. Tony Romo

    It's scary to me.
  12. CanadianCowboysFan

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    I could see him being hated by our fans for not winning big games (remember they are big games until we win it, then it is meaningless) but why would the rest of the country hate him for that reason?
  13. TwoDeep3

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    So I am imaging the past couple of decades with them and wonder what you are seeing that makes it better.

    Love Romo.

    Not so much Parcels.

    But the last sixteen years have been abhorrent in comparison to most of the history of this team.
  14. TwoDeep3

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    Please show any proof of the bolded part.
  15. StylisticS

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    Raider fans root for the Niners? Pfft. You know who cheered louder than us last week for the ravens outside Baltimore? Oakland.
  16. BringBackThatOleTimeBoys

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    His gig in Dallas was not the highlight of Parcell's career, but without him, we would have had a head coach more like Switzer, Gailey, Campo and a record around 5-9.
  17. sideon

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    Did they not hear the venom that was spewed at the Boys when they lost the season finale at Washington, or the complete apathy towards the Rangers season collapse/off season dud? The Cowboys will always run this town and anyone saying differently just wants to be different
  18. Sportsbabe

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    With all that being said and being true, how does that turn into hate? Its just more revealing of the intellectual level of "US Americans". There is no rhyme, reason or rationale for hating him. Hate just for the sake of hate.

    When I'm out and about with my Cowboys gear on I get smart remarks. It's amazing. We haven't been a threat in years but we still seem to threaten other football fans. Right now there's tension between me and my co-workers because they just aren't happy enough to win the Superbowl, they must belittle others for NOT winning it.

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