News: ESPND: The other side: Omar Kelly, South Florida Sun-Sentinel talks Dolphins

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    By Calvin Watkins

    Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel gives us his thoughts on all-things Miami Dolphins in our weekly installment of The Other Side.

    Q: What's happened down there? What's been the key to the turnaround?

    A: As strange as it might seem, despite the team's 0-7 start they've always been a confident team. In fact, it bordered on arrogance. The players kept working hard, kept their attitudes positive, and they kept saying it would eventually turn around. That's exactly what happened once Matt Moore became comfortable, and the defense finally started playing up to expectation.

    Q: Is the heat off Tony Sparano?

    A: Not really. I don't think he can survive this season unless he puts together at least a .500 record. Too much damage has been done. However, if the Dolphins remain hot it could make it a tough decision for owner Steve Ross. However, the fan base is demanding a regime change and Ross typically gives them what they want. The problem is this team is rallying for Sparano and the rest of Miami's coaches. Unfortunately, it might be too little too late.

    Q: How is former Cowboys tackle, Marc Colombo, playing?

    A: Horribly. He's a turnstile, which I'm sure isn't much of a surprise to Dallas fans. He's allowed four sacks this season, but a tight end is usually next to him at all times. He typically allows five bad pressures a game, and considering how much Moore locked onto what's going on downfield those pressures can turn into turnovers.

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