Recap: ESPND Todd Archer Chat Wrap - 06/13/04

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  1. WoodysGirl

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    Todd Archer
    (12:00 PM)

    Hey everybody. Welcome back to those of you who've been here before. Welcome to all the new folks. Let's get rolling here.

    Jonathan (Shropshire, England)
    If the Cowboys had kept the 3-4 last season and Rob Ryan how much better would the defence have been and based on your prediction of our starting defence against the 49ers in Week 1 how many of these players would you say could play the 3-4 scheme? (See you in London)

    Todd Archer
    (12:06 PM)

    I'm not sure it would've been that much better. Congratulations to Ryan in how he handled New Orleans' defense last year. He did a great job. But I think it was right to move on from him. As far as who would play in a 3-4 scheme this year, Tyrone Crawford, Anthony Spencer (when healthy), Bruce Carter, Kyle Wilber all played in the 3-4. Maybe Nick Hayden could play the nose. Terrell McClain played it last year in Houston. Maybe Mincey. I don't know if Lawrence could be a 3-4 backer. I'm not sure guys like Selvie and Melton would fit either.

    Mitch NYC [via mobile]
    Which linebacker on the team in your opinion has the biggest upside outside of Sean lee of course? I like hollaman personally

    Todd Archer
    (12:08 PM)

    Gosh, I really don't have a good answer. I think Holloman has an upside because he showed the ability to find the ball in the little he played last year. I still think Carter has a chance to be good but not a superstar. Like the defensive line, I think they'll need to retool the LBs next year too.

    Mac (Oregon)
    Todd, how has Anthony Hitchens looked thus far? Do you know why the Cowboys didn't take a closer look at Shayne Skov out of Stanford?

    Todd Archer
    (12:09 PM)

    Hitchens didn't do any team drills on Tuesday. Before that he's looked OK. He's not looked out of place by any stretch but he's got a lot to learn. As for Skov, I don't think he was viewed as a good fit. I liked him coming out, but once the team went with Hitchens they were out of the MLB game

    Matt (Kansas City)
    What is biggest thing that the defense needs to do in order be just average this year(instead of awful)? Sacks, coverage? I know its the whole, "pressure hides coverage flaws, good coverage gives more time for pressure, etc". I'd think Marenelli is going to have to work magic in the secondary, since thats where the "playmakers" are at

    Todd Archer
    (12:11 PM)

    They need to do everything better. Cover better. Pressure better. Tackle better. The coaches need to use the players better. The players need to do what the coaches tell them better. There's no secret potion here. It's basic stuff: play better when it matters most.

    Roger (Syracuse, NY)
    Todd, Who do you see on this roster as the "glue guys" on each side of the ball? Who are going to be the guys that keep this team and its morale together when it takes its hits? I know coaches have a role but what players do you see with this potential? Because I don't believe the Cowboys have been devoid of leaders contrary to some of the popular opinion of the talking heads. I think the issue has been consistency. Thoughts?

    Todd Archer
    (12:14 PM)

    I think you hit the right notes, Roger. People might disagree, but leadership has not been this team's issue. Neither has chemistry. I'll give you a nod that the 2008 season wasn't good, but these guys since then have gotten along well and there hasn't been more friction than any other team has. Glue guys: Witten, Church, Scandrick, Romo. I don't think you need a ton. You need a few to lead and many to follow.

    Shaun tx [via mobile]
    When will the cowboys give up on Matt Johnson!? He taking up a roster spot and he's never healthy. Do they think he can really take the pounding of 16 games in the nfl

    Todd Archer
    (12:16 PM)

    He'll get training camp to prove it. He should be doing more next week in the minicamp. I understand the fans' frustration. So does he. But there's no need to punt him from the roster in June if they think he can contribute. If it's camp and he's out for an extended time, then it's time to say goodbye.

    John Texas [via mobile]
    Who should be the back up running back to Murray in your opinion

    Todd Archer
    (12:17 PM)

    I'll answer this a different way. When Murray is healthy, Lance Dunbar will be the backup or third-down, change of pace guy. If Murray isn't healthy, I think it goes to Joseph Randle or Ryan Williams, depending on how things shake out this summer, and they keep Dunbar in the same role with maybe a few more carries. But Dunbar is a niche back, not a full timer, IMO.

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  2. Crown Royal

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    I think this is the best answer. It's not necessarily just scheme, just players, just coaching, but a combination of all these things.
  3. big dog cowboy

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    I will never understand what the rush is to cut Johnson until we get into training camp and preseason when he will either prove wether or not he can stay healthy.
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  4. big dog cowboy

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    Archer doesn't keep up with things in the CZ much does he?

    One big thing that these analyist people don't get about Ware was his contract situation. We didn't just cut him because he getting hurt more often or his production dropped.
  5. Sasquatch

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    Randle is ahead of Williams right now? Some folks are going to be shocked to read that assessment.
  6. BigStar

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    He sure gave a politician's answer towards the Rob Ryan question. They would have been just as terrible on D last season (in RR's 3-4) and it was time to move on was?
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  7. WoodysGirl

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    They shouldn't. Randle has always seen as Murray's primary backup. Basically, he's not a 3rd down, change of pace back, he's the primary backup if Murray is down for any length of time. That's how it was explained when he was drafted.
  8. conner01

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    and players on IR don't take up roster spots. johnson has een frustrating but nothing is lost by waiting and seeing if he can get and stay healthy
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  9. JohnsKey19

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    I think that's fair at this point. That can change in a matter of 2 weeks once training camp/preseason begins.
  10. DFWJC

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    I think some out there believe he has retained a roster spot, thus preventing someone else from being on the team.
    As it turns out, that mostly has not been true.
  11. Mr Cowboy

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    I agree, but I also think that bringing in Williams as competition is good, and he may very well beat out Randle. I don't agree that just because we drafted him, he's a shoo in for the roster. Same with Dunbar, I hope Malena gives a run for his money, because in reality, neither Randle nor Dunbar has done anything for this team, and both can easily be replaced.
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  12. WoodysGirl

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    Competition is always a good thing. I don't know much about the Williams guy, but if he can push Randle or even Murray, I'm all for it.
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  13. daveferr33

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    The move to fire Ryan, hire Kiffin, and move to a 4-3 helped contribute, if not lead directly, to fielding one of the worst defenses in NFL history. Regardless of what I initially thought of the Ryan hire (i was not a fan) I think it was one of the worst decisions of the Post Parcells era and I don't see how anyone can argue against that given the results.
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  14. Fredd

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    Archer doesn't see better than 8-8 (yet)....I would think virtually everyone would jump on one side of the fence or the other at this point....
  15. BigStar

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    Agree 100% It took special "planning" to field a defense that poor:eek: The scheme change seem to fit nobody specifically on defense to account for the move. Ware, Spencer, Lee, Carter, Carr, Mo, etc. were all hampered by the move. The only positive that resulted is Hatcher moved to the starting 3 tech and had a great season. All the other "potential" or talent were forced to learn a new scheme that didn't seem to accommodate to their skill set.
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  16. blindzebra

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    So what? The defense sucked because we had a ton of injuries in the front 7 and that would not have changed in a 3-4. In fact you could argue that it would have been even worse because one thing the 2013 D did was get some turnovers which Ryan's D didn't.
  17. WoodysGirl

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    Why? There's no on the field evidence that could/should influence you either way. I'd at least like to wait until Training Camp before even making a guess.
  18. Denim Chicken

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    Meh, people seem to forget that the defense was awful with Ryan too. The multiple scheme changes did contribute to the horrid play, but if Ryan was not fired I think the D would have been just about as bad.
  19. Idgit

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    There's no way you have the shuffling we did up front last season and field a decent defense. I don't care what scheme you're running.
  20. DCBoysfan

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    Personally I don't see him making the team, he seems to always ge hurt or nicked up.

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