Recap: ESPND: Todd Archer Cowboys chat: 02/12/14

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    Justin (CT)

    is dline in first round of draft a must or can they wait and possibly go safety in round 1

    Todd Archer
    (11:01 AM)

    Defensive line is their top need, but if there isn't a tackle or end available at 16 or 17 in the first round, then I wouldn't force it. You can never go wrong by trusting your board. You might not always be right and get the best player, but you stuck to your scouting process and take away some of the chance involved. Safety is a good thought, too, but I might go offensive line there if that's how the board falls.

    Ed (Queens Village)

    Do you see a lot of Cowboys fans traveling to London in November?

    Todd Archer
    (11:03 AM)

    I do. The Cowboys are the biggest draw in the NFL even if they haven't had the on-field success lately. Fans complain about the amount of opposing fans at AT&T Stadium, but there are always a large amount of Cowboys fans when they play on the road. It's not out of the norm for them to make enough noise to make it difficult for the home team. I think you'll see a lot of Cowboys fans at Wembley next November. The game is already sold out.

    Mike P (Greater Kc Metro)

    Would a team like the Cowboys and a city like dallas be able to accept Michael Sam if he is drafted or would Michael Sam be a bigger distraction than needed and take away from the "circus" that is Jerry Jones, Tony Romo, Jason Garrett

    Todd Archer
    (11:07 AM)

    I don't like the term "circus" when this subject comes up. Will there be great attention on Sam wherever he goes? Sure there will, but once it becomes about football everything will be normal. The question should be about his ability and not his lifestyle. Because of the Cowboys' profile, I think they could handle the attention. Despite the protestations of those who have never set a foot inside the locker room, they do have solid leadership. There are cliques but every team has cliques. The Cowboys get along well and I think they'd be able to deal with the attention. The real question for the Cowboys is evaluating where Sam would fit in this defense. He could be a good late-round pickup as a situational pass rusher. When you get later in the draft, you want guys with special skills. He showed he can get to the quarterback and the Cowboys need those kinds of guys.

    Chris Fiegler (Latham,NY)

    What does the Dallas Cowboys need to Address in the 2014 NFL Draft?

    Todd Archer
    (11:10 AM)

    The easy answer is everything. Ok, maybe not a tight end in the second round. But this is a team that can use help at every position. I would put defensive line first, second and third, then safety, offensive line, quarteback, linebacker and wide receiver. I know I said follow the board, but I would break all ties with the defense.

    Mike (Tampa)

    Do you think Mo can compete for his starting job back?

    Todd Archer
    (11:17 AM)

    Jason Garrett has shown he will play the best guy. He did it last year with Scandrick over Claiborne. He benched Mackenzy Bernadeau and Bruce Carter at different times. When Bernadeau returned to the lineup, he played well. Carter never really got going. This is a huge year for Claiborne. He has to show why the Cowboys traded up to get him. He hasn't done much yet. Some of it is health related, but even when he's been healthy he's been suspect. For the sake of the defense he needs to up his level of play even if he is the third corner. Remember, he'd still play 65 percent of the snaps in most games.

    Bryan (Springdale, AR) [via mobile]

    This team needs some more physicality in the secondary; this team needs Clinton-Dix if he's there when the Cowboys pick at 16 or 17. We'd have one if the toughest pairs of safeties in the league. Thoughts?

    Todd Archer
    (11:19 AM)

    He's the popular pick right now. I'd rather have a safety who can make plays on the ball and cover. I might be in the minority here, but I think Barry Church is solid enough. He's a good open field tackler. He's smart. They need that other safety though. I'm not sure J.J. Wilcox develops into that guy. Jeff Heath struggled but what would you expect from an undrafted free agent from such a small school? I think there's something there to work with but he got thrown into the fire too quickly.

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    Surprisingly good insight by Archer. I especially liked what he said about the locker room. The idea that the Cowboys don't have any leaders is an old myth that at times is still used to bring negative attention to the team.
  3. LatinMind

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    Archer makes a great point about Cowboy away games. Every Cowboy game ive been to since my family moved back to cali when i was 10, Cowboy fans have killed it. Superbowl in Pasadena, wow. From Cowboy games i went to while my family lived in Texas, wasnt the same enthusiasm. Not the same excitement. I didnt know it then because i was there for the Cowboys, but later and now when i go to games, i never remembered Cowboy games being this rowdy.
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    If d line isn't there at 16 hopefully a trade back is possible with an eye on dline or Pryor
  5. Alexander

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    Can someone explain why this would even matter?

    It does not even have an effect when we play in our own stadium.
  6. Risen Star

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    You wouldn't understand. It's about team pride.

    Go Cowboys!

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