News: ESPND: Tony Romo explains 'Peyton Manning time'

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    By Todd Archer |

    IRVING, Texas -- Peyton Manning-time has replaced Romo-friendly in the Cowboys’ lexicon this offseason thanks to owner and general manager Jerry Jones, so what does Tony Romo have to say about the supposed changes to his off- and in-season input?

    “Well, I think just through experience the older you get as a football player and a quarterback, I think you gain a little bit of an understanding about the game and how you can almost develop through experience over time,” Romo said. “For me, I believe in some things that I think can help us win football games. You have great communication with the coaches. We all talk about things and we go from there. Everyone is just trying to help the football team win.”

    How does Romo define Manning time?

    “I think it’s just for (Jones) that was more along the lines of probably talking about the fact that (Manning) works directly with the coaches,” Romo said. “I don’t think most quarterbacks, myself included in the past, you’re commanded and the stuff is given to you and you go over it and you do those things instead of working on Monday and Tuesday necessarily in that process. Me just having the communication with the coaches, it’s valuable for us, and I’ve always had that. That’s been an important aspect of any relationship with offensive coordinator and quarterback. I’ve got a great relationship with Jason (Garrett). He’s got a great mind for football.

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    Sounds like Tony and Jason are on the same page, anyway. Or at least, trying to be, publicly.

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