News: ESPND: Tony Romo is Cowboys' senior voice

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    Entering his 10th season, quarterback has many new faces surrounding him

    Updated: July 31, 2012, 2:26 AM ET
    By Todd Archer |

    OXNARD, Calif. -- So many of the faces have changed over the past few years with the Dallas Cowboys that Tony Romo wonders who's staring back at him inside the huddle.

    Along the offensive line, no starter from 2010 remains in the same position. Left tackle Tyron Smith was a freshman in high school when Tony Romo was a rookie with the Cowboys and a senior by the time Romo became the starting quarterback.

    Miles Austin is the only wide receiver left from the 2009 season. The starting running back is different, too. The constant has been at tight end in seven-time Pro Bowler Jason Witten.

    Just like that, Romo has become the Cowboys' sage.

    At 32 and entering his 10th season, he is the oldest player on offense and the second oldest on the team.

    "Well, it doesn't seem like that, that's for sure," Romo said. "I didn't play for the first three and a half seasons and missed basically a full season [2010] in another one. I guess I've only really played, five, five and a half seasons of football. It kind of feels like that, but 10 is definitely a big number."

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    This is why I was saying last season that he is still on the rise and is improving. I still think this is the case.
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    I agree with this 100%

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