News: ESPND: Tony Romo must be elite now, or else

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Gemini Dolly, Oct 8, 2012.

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    Cowboys' season hinges on QB's ability to find another gear during brutal stretch

    By Calvin Watkins |

    Forget about last Monday's five-interception game and the stagnant offense for a moment. The Dallas Cowboys' next five weeks rest on the shoulders of quarterback Tony Romo.

    Tony Romo needs to put his last performance behind him and focus on a difficult five-week stretch that begins next Sunday in Baltimore.
    It's not about Romo trying to do too much, because he is and should be given credit for trying to make plays within a struggling offense. But the NFL is about results, and Romo's are not good right now.
    Starting Sunday in Baltimore, Romo has to play better than his counterpart at quarterback. He can't afford to be outplayed again, as he was by the Chicago Bears' Jay Cutler that Monday night in Arlington.

    If he is, then this season for the Cowboys will become lost.
  2. RS12

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    Thats the problem. In his mind he feels he has to be elite to win.
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    Romo's been around long enough that I hope he can put this game behind him. They happen to all good QB's. My biggest concern is JG. Does he go into a shell much like the NE game last year where we play just good enough to lose in the final minutes?

    The only hope this team has to sniff the playoffs rests on Romo's shoulders. He's not a bus driver meant to lead a conservative offense. Give Dez a few routes where you know he will be and put him in motion. Our O has absolutely no identity and there's nothing unique about it. We fool no one. The bigger issue is JG, IMO.
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    Well, he does. He certainly doesn't get help from his team.
  5. Zman5

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    You are incorrect. It fools our receivers.
  6. Gemini Dolly

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    I wish Tony could play Alex Smith type of football, but it won't work here.

    Unfortunately, it is up to Tony. Good luck.
  7. Cowboys&LakersFan

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    I don't have any doubt that Tony will become the Tony we've all come to know and love again. This guy is a great football player and eventually great players will find their stride. After that Detroit debacle and everyone was jumping off his bandwagon he had probably the best 10 week stretch of his career. I think we'll see something similar. Supporting cast needs to be better though. Offensive line needs to protect better and the recievers need to be more consistent.
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    Agreed. Whomever pays these writers to write should spread the wealth. A thesaurus can get any one of us the job these guys do. What's with the obsession with the word "elite"? Can any of these guys articulate an original thought?
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    I hope you're right but Tony like all other statistically successfully QB's only want one thing now and that is to win a SB. If he starts playing tight because he doesn't want to be part of the problem and not part of the solution ... then that, in itself, is a problem.
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    It worked in 2006 with less defensive talent. Stop it. I don't even blame Tony though. I blame Garrett for having piss poor gameplans.
  11. nicoletbren

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    That's really a problem. Though, he's a good player.
  12. skicat1898

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    What exactly was wrong with Garrett's game plan against the Bears? Take away Romo's 5 turnovers and the Cowboys blow the Bears out.

    It was more than just 5 turn overs, Romo over threw two sure TDs.

    I don't blame Romo entirely for the loss, but he was the major contributor and the game plan was NOT the problem.

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