News: ESPND: Truth is, Jason Garrett made himself look silly

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Chocolate Lab, Jun 20, 2013.

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    Truth is, Jason Garrett made himself look silly

    June, 19, 2013
    Jun 19
    AM CT
    By Tim MacMahon |

    Forgive me for my tardiness in addressing this issue, but I figure if Jason Garrett can wait nearly five months to come clean, a span of several days doesn’t seem too long.

    If perception doesn’t matter to him, why didn’t Garrett just share the NFL’s worst-kept secret much earlier in the offseason?

    It took Jerry Jones spilling enough beans for reporters to feed to Bill Callahan – and then a week of Garrett looking desperately defiant by refusing to address the issue in a head-on manner – before the man with the title of Dallas Cowboys head coach admitted that he’d no longer be calling the offensive plays. It was probably the biggest PR gaffe in Garrett’s career, although refusing to own up to the Arizona clock-management crisis is pretty tough to beat.

    It sure looked from my view on vacation like a cut-off-at-the-knees coach attempting to cling to whatever shred of authority that he could grab.

    Oh, wait, we’re supposed to believe that the ham-fisted, tight-lipped way that Garrett handled the transfer of play-calling responsibilities was about a competitive edge, right? That’s the truth about why Garrett lied as late as a few weeks ago, when he insisted that no decision has been made despite Callahan calling plays throughout the OTA practices.

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    I don't think he cares.
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    One of the reasons I didn't post this, was because of the Johnny-come-lately aspect of it. The playcalling news cycle was over and MacMahon in a break from NBA coverage decides to jumpstart it again. A week earlier, and I would've given it some run....even if he rehashed about four other articles with his opinion.
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    Actually, it was the media that worked very hard and extensively to make Garrett look silly.

    The media wants answers to questions that have no need to be answered now and if they cannot get them, they continue to build and hype the questions as full-blown story lines until they finally get an answer and no matter what the answer turns out to be or how they obtain the answer, they have ample paths of derogatory angles to gain their revenge upon the target for not bowing down and answering their question when they first asked it.

    Then again, the reality tv crowd falls for it hook, line and sinker, so hard to blame the media for constantly using that tactic.

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    Yuck, Mosely. You're late to the table and then asking a lot of questions which were directly addressed by the head coach himself in the very same press conference where he took direct responsibility for the way what should have been a virtual non-story about play calling in any market other than Dallas was held.

    Not very impressive. Also, you're going out of order with the muck-raking. This week it's Jerry Jone's turn to be in the barrel. You'd have been better off taking that slant. We're not ready to go back to bagging on Jason Garrett, yet.
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    You mean like when Archer interrupted the question about playcalling with a query about 5th string CB Eric Frampton? :laugh2:

    People who say the media are trying to make Garrett look bad just aren't paying attention. They're almost all rooting for him and defending him.

    Now Jerry? Sure, they go after him hard.
  7. Idgit

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    '*the* question about playcalling'? There have been a thousand questions about play calling. For a team that was obviously trying to delay the play calling announcement.

    This is all so silly. None of it's over who is actually calling the plays; it's all about how the decision and how the announcement was or wasn't made. All of which has very little affect on the actual games. If 28 other teams in the league have a coordinator calling plays, does it really matter if the Cowboys do, too?

    It's only even a remotely interesting question because the HCs who do call their own plays tend to be the very best game day coaches in the league. They also tend to have a lot more skins on the wall and be better game day coaches than Jason Garrett is at this point in his tenure. Big deal.

    Just let the guy put together his team and give him the latitude to do it the way virtually every other team in the league does it without making an unnecessary drama that calls his very position into question over it. This ******** kabuki theater in Dallas is more detrimental to what we're trying to do than anything regarding which person is telling Tony Romo what part of the installed game plan to execute over a headset could ever be.
  8. Reality

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    At least someone gets it :D

  9. Reality

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    I have been both complimentary and highly critical of Garrett. I am still not sold on him though I have not given up on him either. I just know the games the media plays with readers and their motivations for doing so and I will occasionally point them out in hopes that more fans will realize they are being manipulated.

    At the same time, I don't blame the media for doing it as it works on those who live by the word of the media and it helps those who have personal agendas of hate against players, coaches, staff and/or ownership.

    Normally I just roll my eyes when it comes to the media's tactics and the eager willingness of readers to glue themselves on their every word, but this whole "Garrett looks silly because he wouldn't answer my question when I first asked it" story line is laughable and using their own words, just plain silly.

    The decision was made long ago and them not announcing in no way affecting anyone other than overly sensitive media members and fans who need something to whine about when there are no new real story lines to go on and on about.

  10. Seven

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    Yep. it wasn't even news or news worthy, IMO. Really, who cares at this point. They don't understand it's a collective process? It's still Garretts baby? As stated by ALL involved in the offense?

    Maybe we need to get together, pitch in for a billboard..........
  11. JPM

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    I thought this was already beaten to death??
  12. Doomsday101

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    I think all of this is one big non issue, really who calls the plays is not changing anything until players execute. This is still Garrett offense and he and Callahan work together. Callahan is calling plays and?

    Jason can still dictate what he wants, he is still going to determine if we go for it on 4th down and can change a play at will call timeouts when he feels the need.
  13. stasheroo

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    I agree with much of what he wrote.

    By mishandling an otherwise normal transition, the Cowboys -and not the 'media bullies' - bungled this and made it into a much bigger issue than it ever needed to be.

    I am glad in what they decided, not how they decided to handle it.
  14. Reality

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    Without the media creating this story, how is it a story? The only thing that happened here is that the media and some fans got their panties in a bunch because they couldn't get an immediate answer to an irrelevant-at-that-point question. There was no reason they had to answer the question until training camp at the earliest.

    Am I glad someone else will be calling plays? Of course! I don't like head coaches who call offense or defense during games. But I knew I would find out who was calling plays when pre-season started so it was never a big deal to me. Some people though need something to whine about and the media views those readers as easy pickings.

  15. stasheroo

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    I would prefer that we focus on agreeing on the change in playcalling - that should matter on the field - rather than our disagreeing on how the decision was announced - which shouldn't matter on the field.
  16. Reality

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    If you read the original post in this thread you will see the story is about how silly Garrett supposedly looks which is why I am pointing out that the media is the one that created this situation and the fans took to the bait without hesitation.

  17. panchucko

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    Awe Shucks can we just call JG a walk around coach and get it over with.

    I know JJ didn't want one, but he sure has made one.
  18. jobberone

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    Tempest in a teapot. All of it.

    Not even sure why people complain about stories posted. If you don't like it you're not injured. If you do then join in. To me news is news and it's up to the viewer to filter it in their own fashion. I used to die to get Cowboys news. Now some gripe because we get too much. Sheesh! If you don't like the channel then turn it to something else.
  19. Joe Rod

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    I don't have an issue with the article, it simply states the obvious. I also really see nothing wrong with Garrett's tight lipped approach if it were not for the fact that he works for an owner that has an inflamed case of diarrhea mouth.

    He will be put in these situations from time to time as long as he maintains this approach under Jerry's ownership.
  20. Fredd

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    I don't have negative thoughts about Garrett in this scenario, just JJ...he should just shut the **** up and let his coach be the coach....of course, behind the scenes, if Garrett was holdingh his breath saying "nope, I am not giving up OC duties", then JJ was justified in using the media

    this is a dead story to me...the one good thing that comes out of it other than having Callahan calling the plays, is that the announcement is giving A LOT of time to just go away before activities that matter happen...

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