News: ESPND: Watkins: Tough day on the job for Morris Claiborne

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    Cowboys rookie CB has bad game in Philly, but confidence in him remains high
    Nov 12
    AM CT
    By Calvin Watkins |

    PHILADELPHIA -- Morris Claiborne remembered the last time he was penalized five times in a game: Never.

    In his last year at LSU, Claiborne was penalized just once.

    On Sunday afternoon, the Dallas Cowboys' rookie cornerback was flagged twice for being offsides and three times for holding a wide receiver. He also gave up a touchdown, on an incredible one-handed catch by Riley Cooper in the first quarter.

    But Claiborne is a talented player who had a bad day during the Cowboys' 38-23 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles.

    "I think that I had a rough game out there and did not play my best," Claiborne said. "I got a lot of penalties called on me and I just have to learn from that. I just need to go back and get it fixed."

    When opposing teams watch tape of the rookie, they see he's pressing receivers and not getting much deep help. Defensive coordinator Rob Ryan trusts his rookie corner to make plays in the passing game, and that's the smart thing to do.

    After Claiborne struggled Sunday, you begin to wonder if more teams will take advantage.

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    There's no excuse for the offsides, but I thought at least the call on Cooper was the wrong one. No idea why he just grabbed Maclin on that one play...he had a safety over top and wasn't really in that bad of position.
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    I went back and watched that play a couple times. It looks like maclin pulls him into the contact early in the route. There was holding and hand fighting v both players imo. That's just the breaks.
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    maclin grabbed him first and then mo grabbed him just to keep from falling. flag should have been on maclin imo
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    Mo Claiborne is a rookie, he's only going to get better...

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