News: ESPND: What is Felix Jones' role?

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    By Calvin Watkins

    IRVING -- Cowboys running back Felix Jones didn't get a rushing attempt in the Thanksgiving Day game vs. Miami. He did touch the ball five times, one reception and four kick returns, in the victory.

    Jones missed four games with a high-ankle sprain that eventually cost him his starting job to Murray who rushed for 601 yards in his absence.

    "He's back and he's excited," running backs coach Skip Peete said of Jones. "He looks good, looks quick. So we'll obviously have to utilize both of them."

    How is the issue.

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    Felix is a weapon when healthy... They still need to get him the ball as well.
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    I hate how they have treated the Felix Jones situation. I also hate how fans totally discredit him and what he has done for this team without a complaint. We rode this young man in 09 and in the playoffs and last year. I hope he goes to a team where the fan base will appreciate him and what he brings. He will never get any respect here.
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    I agree. However Murray has shown his ability as well and in my view is more of a work horse. I think Murray can still play a big role on this team but I would not change how Murray is being used.
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    I think you meant Felix ole buddy... BUT I definitely agree with you! Why not line Murray up at WR when Felix is in the game??? Mannnnn that would be a nightmare matchup for teams!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Ahhhh.......let's just revolutionize all of the NFL.....think wishbone.

    Heck we even got two fullbacks.

    Line em up, and knock em down.......Tebow who?!?!

    Might wanna tell Romo to buckle up, its going to be a bumpy ride.

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    DeMarco's personal water boy.
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    I agree Felix still has value, but how is it that we "rode this young man in 09" when he only had 116 rushing attempts and 19 receptions the entire season?

    As for 2010, Felix rushing stats for 16 games were lower than Murray's rushing stats in 11 games this year. 23 RB's had more carries than Felix did last year.

    You act like Felix has been the guy carrying the load when the reality is he has often been injured, and he hasn't even been an every down player since he was in high school.
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    Jones' role is the same it's always been and that is a solid, change of pace back.
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    I'd use him as the primary kickoff returner, 3rd down back as well as a change of pace guy.
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    When the team went on the run in 09 it was Felix who the team leaned on. Last year after Garrett took over Jones became the guy they leaned on.
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    Funny how the offensive line has jelled just when Murry came along. Or do they look jelled because they finally got a really good running back to block for? A good offensive line can make a good back look great and a really good back can make a mediocre line look good.

    I've never seen Felix make his line look better than they are because he goes down on first contact. If he can get clear and in the open he is dangerous but he doesn't break tackles to get clear...Murry does.
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    Did you forget Felix Jones averaging 13.1 attempts per game and rushing 79-475-2 during the last six games of 2009 (including the two playoff games)?

    Did you forget Felix Jones rushing 30-217-1 in the 2009 playoffs (7.23 YPC). Jones was the third leading rusher in the 2009 playoffs. 16-148-1 LG 73T. Jones hung the longest rush in Cowboys playoff history and the third highest rushing total in Cowboys playoff history on the Eagles. 178 total yards in that wildcard game...272 total yards in two weeks against the Eagles...

    I guess you forgot Felix Jones actually rushing for 146-902-4 (6.17 YPC) during the 2009 season. That is Jones' true value for the 2009 season, 16 games, including the two playoff games. Felix Jones missed 1,000 yards by only 98 yards, and he only averaged 9.12 rushes per game (for the 16 games). Jones touched the football 202 times and tallied 1799 all-purpose yards in 2009, too. That is a gaudy 8.90 YPT. Also, Jones put up 1,073 total yards from scrimmage (6.34 YPT), and he did it on only 169 total offensive touches. Jones only averaged 10.56 offensive touches per game during those (2009) 16 games.

    I guess you missed the fact that Murray hasn't been running behind Dallas' 2010 old, significantly deteriorated offensive line this year, too. How many offensive line positions were changed this year? Where are Colombo and Davis and Gurode? It must have been nice to run against that tough Rams, Bills, and Eagles run defense, too. Let's make that a fair fight....Jones had one hand tied behind his back last year and still put up 800 rushing yards on only 185 rushes and averaged 4.44 YPC (last 8 games) by running primarily between the tackles.

    How many rushing yards did Jones have playing with Fiammetta against Washington's heavily stacked fronts (with LeRon Landry)? How many total yards in that game for Jones and how many touches? If Bennett doesn't get called for a dubious holding call, Jones has a 14-133 yard game instead of 14-115 (8.21 YPC). Jones had 18 rushing yards taken away from him on a 24 yard run that night.

    In 2010, Felix Jones accumulated 800 yards rushing (including 498 in the second 8 games of 2010 when he averaged 14 rushes per game). During the first 8 games of 2010, Jones averaged 9 touches per game, not rushes. In 2010, Jones put up 1250 total yards from scrimmage and averaged 17 touches per game (in the last 8 games of 2010) and had some signature games against the Giants, Saints, Redskins, and Titans. Jones rushed very good against the Cardinals as well. When the holes were there, Jones found them last year.

    Let's bring back Leonard Davis and Mark Colombo and Gronkowski and see how Murray would do...

    How many rushes did Jamaal Charles average in 2010?

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    That is absurd. Are you talking about Choice?

    In 2009, Jones averaged 3.3 yards after contact per carry, and the last number I saw on Murray was 3.0.

    According to Football Outsiders, in 2010, Felix Jones had a broken tackle rate of 12.9%, and that put Jones right up there at the top tier of the NFL. Jones' blend of elusive ability and power makes him one of the most elusive running backs in the NFL.
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    Hey, Coach Calvin...

    Wasn't Felix Jones drafted to the the "change of pace" to Barber, anyway? Barber just signed a mega deal, so the Cowboys valued the position and the player. The Titans were going to take Jones, and Arizona seriously considered him. Now, you are falsely claiming that Jones is a "bust" without saying it in your latest article, because Murray is "starting".

    During his 4 season in Dallas, Felix Jones has demonstrated on the football field that he is an extremely explosive, extremely productive football player when the ball has been put in his hands. You and some of your Dallas media pals may never acknowledge that fact, but you can't change history no matter how hard you and some others try. The defamation of this player is disgusting, and you have certainly done your part, too. You are far from being alone on that front, too. All of you should be embarrassed. It's a disgrace. Did you not advocate out-right cutting Jones if he didn't return kicks? The biased agenda is obvious, and again, you certainly are not alone.

    Where is Leonard Davis. the guy you advocated keeping.

    By the way Davis cost Felix Jones two long TD runs last year against the Bears and Texans, because he couldn't simply cut Lance Briggs and hold a simple block in Houston.

    I didn't hear you mention it.

    You should watch NFL Playbook (NFL Network).

    I'm sure glad Coach Calvin isn't the head coach. Oh, wait. He did volunteer to coach the team. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
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    Well stated and so, so true, and I'm glad to see a couple of other people in here who recognize the caliber of player that Jones has been in Dallas and is in Dallas. Let them all keep under-estimating Felix Jones....It is nothing new...

    There are probably some former Marion Barber fans and some Choice fans out there who are jealous of Jones' success in Dallas, so some of the fan malice probably comes from that aspect, as far as the fans go. Don't forget the cult-like followings that Barber and Choice both had in Dallas and don't discount that being a factor in some of the outright defamation and malice that you read or hear from some fans.

    Many in the Dallas media have repeatedly defamed this player (during the past 4 years), and it has been malicious. It is a serious ethical offense in my strong opinion. Furthermore, I feel like Jason Garrett is aware of it, because I've heard Garrett vehemently and repeatedly defend Felix Jones and his record on the football field (all 4 years) this year (going back to January). Garrett is a smart guy (he interprets those questions), and he knows the real score with Jones and his record on the football field. IMSO, I think Garrett is aware of how Felix Jones (and his record on the football field) has been maliciously defamed within the Dallas media.

    The Dallas media doesn't coach the football team. Jason Garrett does coach the football team. Let's see what Garrett does with Jones, because Garrett respects Jones and knows what type of player Jones is and how valuable Jones has been to the Cowboys. Garrett saw Jones play his "best game", Garrett's words, this year against the Redskins.


    I have to say that I'm fully aware of the University of Oklahoma's presence in Dallas, and I think promoting a hot commodity like DeMarco Murray (a former Sooner), even at the "expense" of Jones, probably "sells" according to the very suspect Dallas media's mind, imo. Plus, maliciously defaming Felix Jones is something that the Dallas media (in general) is good at, so it is nothing new. They get to kill two birds with one stone. I'm not stupid.

    After all, some in the Dallas media didn't like Jones being drafted by Dallas to begin with. There are all kinds of extremely biased agendas out there, in the Dallas media and within the fan base. Jones has been on the receiving end of double barrel defamation, imo.

    IMSO, the malicious defamation of Felix Jones, on both fronts, has been disgusting and an ethical abomination (during Jones' time in Dallas).

    Bill Walsh was absolutely right about the S.F. media that covered his team, and he communicated what he thought about them to his team during one of his Super Bowl years. The Dallas media, in general, is no different. Don't think for a second that many in the almighty Dallas media wouldn't turn on this head coach or this team, on a dime, if times were to get tough. I think we all saw last year how the Dallas media can behave when your team is down.

    Don't think for one minute that they (media) wouldn't turn on new "Golden Child", DeMarco Murray, and hammer Jerry Jones for another "flop" or "flame out" pick if they saw an "opportunity".

    There could be 7 games left, and Felix Jones has been an extremely explosive and extremely productive player in Dallas. Let's just wait and see what Jason Garrett does with Jones in the weeks to come.

    Something tells me that Felix Jones' 16-77 against the Cardinals and 17-136 (71T) against the Giants (17 touches, 136 total yards), last year, will not escape Jason Garrett's mind. Also, Jones has a 7-96-1 (LG 56) game against the Giants in 2009.

    Remember, Jones was listed as "limited" during two weeks of practice (Redskins and Dolphins). That fact has seemed to conveniently escape the Dallas media when it comes to Jones' touches in those two games.
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    Felix can play his "role" just fine, thank you very much!

    How about Jones' eye-popping two game stretch against the New York Giants and Carolina Panthers in 2009.

    15-190-1 LG 56 and LG 40 12.66 YPC

    During the last 9 games of 2009 (including those two playoff games), Felix Jones rushed the football for this:

    102-598-4 5.86 YPC

    You get that snap shot by adding the prior 3 games to his last 6 games of 2009 (23-123-1 (5.34 YPC).

    Some in the Dallas media thought Dallas should have drafted Rashard Mendenhall in 2008.

    Here is the 2010 total yards comparison between Jones and Mendenhall:

    Mendenhall 347-1440 (4.14 YPT)

    Jones 233-1250 (5.36 YPT)

    Mendenhall had 114 more touches than Felix Jones, but he only accrued 190 more total yards than Jones.

    Who was the more efficient player?

    Felix Jones!

    Yards lead to points in the NFL. You can have Mendenhall's 3.9 YPC in 2010, too. Plus, you can have his bizarre "comments".

    Here is some 2010 YPC data on some well known 2008 running backs:

    Jones 4.3
    Mendenhall 3.9
    Johnson 4.3
    Stewart 4.3
    Forte 4.5

    McFadden has a 3.4 year and a 4.4 year and has a 4.8 YPC for his career.
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    DeMarco Murray has averaged 22.8 rushes per game during 5 of the last 6 football games. That translates to 364.8 rushes in one 16 game season. This isn't Madden. Helmet to helmet hits matter in the NFL and so does the pounding at that position. Furthermore, Murray's highest rush total at Oklahoma was 282, Murray's best year at OU.

    Just look at Chris Johnson's decline on his statistics to see the impact of that constant pounding, especially the helmet to helmet hits:

    2008- 251-1228 (4.9)
    2009- 358-2006 (5.6) 22.3 rushes per game
    2010- 316-1364 (4.3)
    2011- 183-699 (3.8)

    Chris Johnson has experienced two offensive line changes (in 2010), but he clearly hasn't been the same runner this year. I'm not sold on him being "back" based on Tampa Bay's terrible run defense. Time will tell.

    Be careful for what you wish for.

    Where is Marion Barber? Another "workhorse" who took a bunch of helmet to helmet hits when he ran...
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    This is false.

    Felix was a league leader in yards after contact last year.

    He was also a league leader in passing efficiency for a RB.

    He was also a league leader in pass blocking efficiency.

    The improvement in the running game had much more to do with blocking and Fiammetta than it did with Murray's superiority over Felix as a RB. With Fiammetta out, Murray's numbers have not been that great although they have been okay.

    This is 2-RB league now. We have to find a way to spell Murray some and we have a great complimentary back to use. I hope Garrett finds a way to use Felix's ability to help this team. I do suspect his lack of touches may be due to his ankle injury not being fully healed.

    Regardless, we will need to make a decision after next season about extending Felix. If we can get him for a reasonable cost I would go ahead and bring him back for depth and to give Murray a rest periodically. I suspect someone will give him starter money and he will bolt for an opportunity to play more. This means we may be drafting another RB in the next draft.
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