News: ESPND: Why doesn't Dez Bryant get ball in red zone?

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    Oct 20
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    By Tim MacMahon

    The Cowboys have targeted Bryant 11 times in the red zone during his 16-game career. He has caught nine of those passes, scoring on seven of them.

    simple math says the closer the Cowboys get to the end zone, the bigger Bryant’s share of the balls should be.

    According to Romo, the Cowboys are seeing a lot of Cover 4 defenses in the red zone. That essentially means double-coverage for Bryant, who has a cornerback on his outside and a safety on the inside. That’s why Romo threw a checkdown to Tashard Choice instead of a fade to Bryant on second-and-goal in the fourth quarter against the Patriots.

    Read what else Romos says:
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    The box was stacked on that shuffle pass, and I'd still take my chances with Dez Bryant in that situation. You have to check out and give Bryant a shot, because Tom Brady is on the other side.

    Bryant VS Leigh Bodden

    You have to go after him. Throw a high card in that situation.

    The Lions went at Terence Newman for crying out loud. (Calvin Johnson)

    Robinson has been open, in the red-zone, during the past two games. He was open in the Patriots game and never got the ball. He was wide-open and waving his arms in the Lions game (center/right of the end-zone). The Lions totally busted the coverage. Romo never looked his way, because he went to Ogletree all the way (to his left). The ball was thrown way out of bounds to Ogletree.

    Crayton caught some balls in the end-zone, and Robinson could give Romo some TDs if he will look for him.
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    Dez is getting some heat about his route running, but Bryant is a really young player. His route running looks good in the first half...

    What about Miles? If he is going to look back at the defender, after a catch, and strut back to the huddle, he better catch the football and not drop it. Those were two huge drops in that game, and that drive was probably going to end in either a FG or a TD for Dallas.

    Jimmy Johnson kind of called that strutting out last year and stated that the Cowboys have not won anything.

    I'd let Bryant return some punts against the Eagles. I'd take a chance in the division, because it's a huge game.
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    I like Romo, but field vision has never been one of his strengths.
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    I've been saying this every since we got him. There is absolutely no reason, at all, that when we get inside the 10 yard line that at least one play, every time, isn't a jump ball attempt to Dez.

    The guy is going to make that play more times than not and I'd run a jump ball to him at least one time, every single time I got down there, until people proved they could consistently stop him from making a play.

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