News: espndallas: Salary cap help for the Cowboys?

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Jul 21, 2011.

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    July, 21, 2011 Jul 212:37PM ...

    Now comes more talk the salary cap is in name only. It might be a soft cap which allows teams to spend what they want without penalty.

    Lance Zierlein of the Houston Chronicle says teams over the salary cap might not get penalized or forced to cut veterans they need.

    Says Zierlein:
    "In fact, there may not be any penalties for teams who are over the $120 million dollar threshold. What that would allow teams to do is hang onto veterans, if they so choose, without penalty. What was less clear to me was whether or not we’ll actually even see a salary cap. It is my understanding that for the first few years of this deal, the “cap” on spending could be soft or even non-existant."
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    If this is true, and the players don't approve it, then they are simply the dumbest people in the entire world. A cash salary floor with no salary cap??? That can't be seen as anything but an unconditional win for the players. On the other hand, I doubt very seriously the cap will be THAT soft. Maybe a couple mil in play room (use of exceptions come to mind) but a completely soft cap negates what the owners were working for to begin with.
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    If the cap is extended too much, the fiscal stability is affected as teams lock up huge amounts of debt. If a team is successful, then profits still exceed costs. But when injury and declining skills attach as well, then the playing field changes for that team as well.

    The NFL as an organization itself, is still committed to a sense of overall equality in play. As that affects it's gates and media contracts both.
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    Then why have a cap? I think the floor is more important anyway and always have. But if it is artificial then fine. Just remove the terminology and go for broke.
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    At present, it involves a measure of control that returns over a short period of relative league life. The concept is to have lower level teams to pay for their own levels of accomplishment and to push the total package that brings cash flow and increased interest benefiting the whole. The competition is the selling aspect. Just having a few top teams doesn't sell the whole NFL as a group. There is commitment between ownership for all to succeed in the industry.
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    Agreed on all points, Hos.

    Also, if this is truly the case then the Cowboys need to push for Namndi and Huff hard after Free is signed.
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    I'm okay with that plan.

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