News: ESPN's Mortensen: Wade Phillips to become Cowboys coach

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by 50cent, Feb 8, 2007.

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    Ah yes, that very important 5 year span in one's life where one loses all ability to be a head coach.
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    Well I'd give my left nut cuz I don't want kids anyway. I'll keep the right one just for sentimental reasons. :D

    So what, are you theogt's mouthpiece now? :D

    When you compare Flo's play and salary to other LTs in the NFL, he certainly IS worth 7 million. LT's are paid more. Period. We could end up paying less and getting A LOT less in return.

    Flo isn't nearly as bad as some of you people like to think. He's AT LEAST a little ABOVE average.



    Don't bother. Your mouthpiece will let him know for you. :D


    Or keep Carp outside and put Burnett inside. Carp is more then capable of manning the OLB spot.
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    I like Carp outside as well
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    theogt is hell bent on wanting Carp inside. He doesn't want me to have the chance to Say "I told you so!" :D

    I'm not the type to gloat though. I'd just be happy we have another good player and forget there ever was a "Debate".

    Hell, I don't even remember the people I argued with in the Hutch/Carter debates. Seriously though, even with Carter's "Shortcoming" it was a no-brainer he was the better choice then Hutch.
  6. theogt

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    We'll see with Phillips. He might turn him into a pass-rusher (if Carp is able to add some strength in the off-season). I just like the idea of him in the middle with a 6'5" 255 lb. pass-rushing monster opposite of Ware.
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    Well Carp is close to that (6'2.5", 255 lbs).

    Whether it's carp replacing James and burnett/draft pick at SOLB, or Carp outside and Burnett replacing James, I'll be happy. Either way, James needs to be replaced.
  8. theogt

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    Amen to that one.
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    Interesting tidbit re: D-coordinator:

    Niners coach Mike Nolan was asked last week what indications he had gotten that Manusky has the ability to call defenses during a game. Nolan said he consulted his good friend, Phillips, who gave Manusky the ultimate endorsement.

    "Wade was confident that he (Manusky) could do this," Nolan said. "As a matter of fact, Wade had him on the top of his list had he landed the (head coaching) job for the coordinator's position himself."
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    :laugh2: ouch
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    Welcome Coach Phillips!
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    Their is a God! :)
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    Very concerned about our defense and out of those interviewed I felt Phillips was the best choice. He run's a great 3-4 which we mostly have the players for but what he will bring to the game is not the fact that they blitz more BUT even more importantly he knows how to disguise his blitzes. Saw a lotta of criticism from several knowledgeable people about how poorly we disguised our blitzes -- it was said opponents mostly knew exactly where the blitz was coming from and were prepared even before we did.

    Now who does he bring along as his DC (probably Nunelley or keeps Bowles) and will Garrett or Soprano be the true OC as is that why Caldwell of the Colts was interviewed. Don't forget several teams in 06 and again in 07 wanted to interview Soprano for DC job and that includes Payton of NO who tried still him away from us but Parcells told him to take a drink of water and lay down (also included Keith Davis when he made that remark).
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    Wow, it's probably a good thing I went to bed. I'd have been up all night.
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    This sounds like a Parcells choice to me.
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    I hate this move. Wade is simply too old to take over the reins as a head coach.

    I hated a move for Turner, as well, but at least you could see the light at the end of the tunnel so far as developing some young offensive weapons and a woeful line.

    Unfortunately I just don't think the best coach for the Cowboys was available this go-round. I hope that if the right coach (Jeff Fisher, Bill Cowher) is there next year, or the year after, that Jerry dumps Phillips quickly.

    If we're going to name Bill Parcells the GM, let's go ahead and call a press conference and do it. I don't know whose tinkering is worse... Bill's, or Jerry's.
  17. Fletch

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    Could have been. The more I think about it, the more it makes sense. I like the move to Phillips because it will only help an inept Dallas defense that has a lot of talent waiting to produce.

    Phillips will have two, maybe three years before Garrett takes the reins. Turner's HC record scared me. Phillips has proven he can win.
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    I don't like the choice.
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    You surprised in a GOOD way this time, Jerry! Great job! :clap2:
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    Veery Niiice!

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