News: ESPN's Mortensen: Wade Phillips to become Cowboys coach

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by 50cent, Feb 8, 2007.

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    Hate it all you like.:D

    This is likely fairly short-term, and predicated on how close the Boys are to being in the big dance. Otherwise we'd see someone younger, in which case there'd be howling about learning curve, Jethro's influence, etc.

    People seem to believe that getting Cowher or Fisher is just a matter of Jones opening the checkbook. They forget that (a) Cowher has strong ties to the east coast, especialy Carolina, and (b) Vince Young may provide ample reason for Fisher to stay where he is past next season.

    Between Cowher and Fisher, there are what, 3 SB appearances and only 1 win between them since the mid-90's, and that comes with some interesting officiating? There are no guarantees there, just the comfort of a "name" hire.
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    HAHA...I stayed up til about 4:30 and that's about as much as I could handle.
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    I still haven't gone to sleep. And I'm not even tired.
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    Too old to take over? give me a break this ideal that a HC must be young is a croock of BS. Coaches do not play the game and there is nothing being ran in the NFL by guys like Fisher or Cowher that was not around the NFL before these guys were even players. Phillips age clearly has not affected his ability to turn San Deigo defense into one of the tops. So stop the too old crude age has nothing to do with a man ability to coach.
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    It got a tad heated to say the least.

    5 am bedtime here lol
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    Look at post 185 and then post 203.

    I actually brought that point up first on this thread.

    It was repeated several times throughout because LatinMind likes to turn his head to facts that hurt his arguements.

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