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EU voters move away from socialism... been there done that...

Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by sbark, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. sbark

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    BRUSSELS – Conservatives raced toward victory in some of Europe's largest economies Sunday as initial results and exit polls showed voters punishing left-leaning parties in European parliament elections in France, Germany and elsewhere.
    Some right-leaning parties said the results vindicated their reluctance to spend more on company bailouts and fiscal stimulus amid the global economic crisis.
    First projections by the European Union showed center-right parties would have the most seats — between 263 and 273 — in the 736-member parliament. Center-left parties were expected to get between 155 to 165 seats.
    Right-leaning governments were ahead of the opposition in Germany, France, Italy and Belgium, while conservative opposition parties were leading in Britain and Spain.
    Greece was a notable exception, where the governing conservatives were headed for defeat in the wake of corruption scandals and economic woes.
    Germany's Social Democrats headed to their worst showing in a nationwide election since World War II. Four months before Germany holds its own national election, the outcome boosted conservative Chancellor Angela Merkel's hopes of ending the tense left-right "grand coalition" that has led the European Union's most populous nation since 2005.
  2. Aikbach

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    it seems that much like stateside it was whatever party was in power was going to be punished for the economy.
  3. daschoo

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    just to temper it slightly regarding the vote in britain. firstly it was a low turnout due to the recent scandal regarding expenses. secondly as aikbach said it would seem that worldwide the party in power are being perceived as being at fault for the global economic situation. and lastly the labour party which is in power here are not left wing though that is their traditional stance. they invented new labour and abandoned their traditional values to get into power in the first place and if not right of centre then certainly damn close to it. there is no real differance between the two parties in my opinion and in fact one of the policies that the conservatives have gained most support for is their enviromental policies and the fact their leader makes a big thing of using a bicycle instead of car around london, not a traditional conservative appeal. just trying to point out that its not straight forward left v right in this country and trying to suggest otherwise to suggest that even over here we have turned our back on the left leaving obama lovers isolated as i think was the intention of the original post is not entirely accurate.
    for the record i never have and never will vote for either party as i vote for the scottish national party and will continue to do so until such time as we gain independance. as i said i feel the two main parties in britain are much the same but if i had to choose between them i would probably go conservative

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