Euphoria in Seattle wearing off

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by LatinMind, Feb 7, 2014.

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    Tate sounds less likely to give a hometown discount
    Posted by Mike Florio on February 6, 2014, 10:59 PM EST
    Earlier this week, Seahawks receiver Golden Tate suggested that he’d take less to stay in Seattle.

    As he gains more distance from the euphoria of winning a Super Bowl, does Tate still feel the same way?

    “To an extent,” Tate said Thursday, via quotes distributed by the team. “I still have to take care of myself and my family. I kind of have a number in mind, I haven’t talked to my agent yet I kind of been trying to enjoy the Super Bowl for now, and then take that next step hopefully within the next week or two once things settle down.”

    And that’s when Tate will be able to understand what it specifically will mean to take less. At the Scouting Combine, when tampering season officially begins, Tate’s agent will know how much the Seahawks are willing to pay — and how much someone else is willing to pay. Then, Tate will have a few weeks to decide whether the gap is small enough to justify taking less.

    “In my eyes I’d rather stay and play in a great organization, in a great city around great people, around great teammates for a little less than going to a crappy city and win a ball game every now and then and be miserable for six months and have a fan base that doesn’t care about the sport,” Tate said. “You have to give a little or take a little. We’ll see how it works out, hopefully it works out. Like I said I think I’ve done everything in my power to earn the respect and the trust of this organization. They know what they’re going to get from me; they know I’m going to work hard. The last two seasons that I’ve started I think I’ve missed a total of one game so I think I’m reliable. I know the system. I know what Coach Carroll wants so we’ll see. Hopefully things work out.”

    With millions already invested in slot receiver Percy Harvin, the Seahawks may not have the money in the budget to keep Tate and Doug Baldwin, a restricted free agent. At some point, the Seahawks have to draw the line — and if that means Tate will leave they need to trust the process of finding a replacement, via free agency or the draft.

    If Tate leaves, don’t look for him to rush to another NFC West team.

    “I definitely do not want to play against Seattle, I’ll tell you that,” Tate said. “I don’t want to play against Richard Sherman and Kam Chancellor for sure, but we’ll see.”

    Still, Tate will be even more attractive to teams like the 49ers and Cardinals, who can make themselves stronger and the Seahawks weaker in one fell swoop by offering Tate significantly more than the Seahawks offer.
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    They are going to face alot of this with the FAs they have. Welcome to the new NFL
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    lol must be terrible to have a successful team. Pity the fools.
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    I hope they overpay all of their free agents (doubtful) and then the team has an injury bug hit them.
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    they dont need to overpay, theyre going to be hurting because basically their whole starting core is up for new deals this yr and next yr. Only ones not are Okung and Wilson. but theyre due in 2016
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    I really want to slam Tate on this but he doesn't say anything wrong here.

    ...Oh, what the hell. Tate sucks. He should pay the seahawks to stay on board.
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    No surprise that the article has a picture of Tate pointing to his name. It's always all about him.

    I can't stand the guy.
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    So pretty much you want them to become us? Actually not pretty much, that is exactly us and who we are.

    These players want to get paid. You are only in this league for a very short period of time. No guaranteed contracts (only a guaranteed portion) and it's very violent. So who knows if you career will be cut short.

    Would anyone here want to continue working at their job for less money when another company would pay you more to do the same thing? Yet us fans expect these players to do the same for the team. I don't blame anyone trying to cash in. They already got their ring.
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    I am sure his agent talked to him just as Ware's agent did after we lost to the Eagles. Everyone says thing they regret after the high and lows in life.
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    But they seem to draft very well and know which players will fit their scheme. So reload in the draft for cheap.

    I wish we were able to do that. But our draft is used to correct mistakes from a few years back, not reload.
  11. RXP

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    At least they get to deal with their salary cap issues being called world champions.

    We have to deal with hour problems being called mediocre at best.
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  12. Alexander

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    Tate probably needs to be a little more introspective.

    If I needed a WR in free agency, I am not paying top dollar for an average to good WR. He has a chance to get a decent contract from them because he fits.

    This will probably be one of those things where he goes crawling back to them after the dust settles.

    What is this code for? I am in a lot of debt? It is amusing when I see this (or the even more destitute "feed my family") when there is talk around contract times.
  13. LatinMind

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    Bennett wants his money too

    After mentioning earlier in the week that he “100 percent” wants to be back in Seattle next year, impending free agent DE Michael Bennett said during an interview with SiriusXM NFL Radio that he wants to be “compensated with the top guys.

    “Basically I took a one year deal the year before, did a first round tender in Tampa, so I definitely just want to be paid, you know, I’m not trying to be the highest paid guy but I want to be compensated with the top guys,” Bennett said, via the Seattle Times.

    Bennett was asked what he thought about accepting a deal that would pay him $5 million over the three years to which he responded; “That would be taking a pay cut, to me.

    It looked like there was some optimism building that Bennett could be back in Seattle, but it’s not going to be easy for them to fit a top-10 contract into their cap while addressing some of their free agents and extension candidates.

    We have Bennett listed as the No. 8 player in our Top 50 Free Agents list.
  14. Blackspider214

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    Exactly. We are $25million over the cap and we have been to the playoffs once in the last 5 years. Good job.
  15. dogunwo

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    Why should he give a hometown discount? As a professional athlete you have a limited window of when to make your money. Just because he wants to be paid market value, doesn't mean he is a "me" guy. Its easy for people not in the position to make the kind of money he makes to say you would sell yourself short.
  16. tyke1doe

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    That's why it's hard to repeat, let alone three-peat.
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  17. Alexander

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    That does not matter, all that matters now is that they will be just like us eventually so we should really laugh at them to make ourselves feel better.
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    Schneider drafts well and will more then likey be able to find stop gap 1 year replacements this coming offseason.

    Unlike both our franchises, he has a long term plan in place and has thusly been able to accumulate long term depth.

    I think the Seahawks will still be at the top of the NFC even if they lose Tate and Bennet along with paying Sherman and Thomas

    A smart GM in sync with his HC will keep Seattle talented for the rest of this decade
  19. Clove

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    Super Bowl. Who cares what happens after that?
  20. Zordon

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    Seriously. A lot of butt hurt in this thread.
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