Everlasting Light Bulb

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    I own a 1920's Craftsman home so this may have something to do with the fact that we go through light bulbs on a weekly basis. Maybe the old wiring?

    I seriously used to buy a pack of bulbs every time I'd go to Wal-Mart. (I've been slowly replacing them with the unsightly compact fluorescent bulbs)

    The other day I popped 3 bulbs and was frustrated and told my son that I wish they made bulbs like the ones at Edison's house that have been burning since he was alive. Well, he didn't believe me so I was looking it up on the internet and came across this interesting story:

    Light Bulb Burns for 110 Years



    • Age: 110 years and counting (as of June 2011)
    • Installed: First installed at the fire department hose cart house on L Street in 1901. Shortly after it moved to the main firehouse on Second. In 1903 it was moved to the new Station 1 on First and McLeod, and survived the renovation of the Firehouse in 1937, when it was off for about a week. During it's first 75 years it was connected directly to the 110 Volt city power, (subject to the power outages) , and not to the back-up generator for fear of a power surge. In 1976 it was moved with a full police and fire truck escort, under the watch of Captain Kirby Slate, to its present site in 1976 at Fire Station 6, 4550 East Ave., Livermore, California. It was then hooked to a seperate power source at 120V according to Frank Maul, Retired City Electrician, with no interuptions since.
    • Proof of Longevity: From local newspaper records; also GE engineers researched it. Was donated to the Fire Department in 1901 by Dennis Bernal who owned the Livermore Power and Light Co.
    • Recognition: Declared the oldest known working lightbulb by Guinness Book of World Records. Ripley's Believe-It-or-Not in 1972 researched it and declared it the oldest. Charles Kurault of the TV program "On the Road with Charles Kurault" visited the bulb in the 1970s and included it in his book as well. Declarations from the President of the U.S., Congress, Senate, State Senate and Assembly, and Shelby Ohio.In 2007 it was again recognized in Guiness, and Ripleys books.

    They don't make things like they used to. :)
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    You'd think they would protect it somehow.

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