Everyone's picking the skins..almost

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Arkyvarminter, Dec 29, 2012.

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    I don't think you'll be forgetting on tomorrow evening. But by then, we'll all know and you can have bragging rights--or not.

    I guess if you're in to smack talking. For us it's just another walk in the park though. We don't really, at least I don't really, consider the Redskins to be anything other than a bump in the road.

    And yeah, you're right. You're not as bad as an Eagles fan. Kudos, bro.
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    So you are saying that the Cowboys have no rush attack ?
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    They're a lot better offensively, in my opinion. Brees is a far better QB (sorry. RGIII is on that trajectory, but he's not in Brees' class yet), their OL is better, and they've got better wide outs across the board. And, yes, they've got an exceptionally athletic TE who's a matchup nightmare. They don't have your running game, but they're effective with the outlet passes to the backs, too, and that's what really killed us.

    Note: you guys did beat that team, and congratulations. But it was back in week 1, with your pass rushers intact and them in a shambles because of the coaching shakeup and before they'd been able to solidify things with Spanuolo's defense. I believe they're playing at a higher level here four months later at the end of the season. Maybe I'm wrong, but they sure looked like a playoff team to me last weekend. We took them to overtime, but it was one of those games where I felt we were barely hanging on to the tiger's tail the entire time.
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    The Saints tore us apart over the middle of the field, but to me Sproles really proved the one dimension that we simply had no answer for. I'm not sure Washington has a player so specifically built to expose our weakness like New Orleans did.

    Having re-watched that Thanksgiving Day game, you guys killed us in the second quarter. All but 10 of the points came in that single period, and they were in part aided by three turnovers.

    It goes without saying, but we can't give you guys a shortened field tomorrow night -- much less three times like we did on Thanksgiving. A loss is a certainty if we turn it over three times.

    Offensively, we did in that game what we tend to do too frequently. We stumble out of the gate and don't really turn it on until late in the third quarter or beyond. It's head scratching how we can score in upwards of 30 points in games with 3 or 7 at the half.

    But against you guys, we had drives end because of turnovers, false starts, you name it. Can we clean any of that up tomorrow night and turn in a more efficient effort from start to finish? It sure would be nice to put a little pressure on you guys with an early, say, 13-3 lead and get you somewhat out of your normal routine offensively.
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    I haven't read the entire thread, but I feel like I have a general idea of your thoughts on Sproles. I don't think it's a matter of him being a "great" player or even better than Morris, but I think his skill set is one we simply have no answer for with our two inside starting middle linebackers sidelined. We lack guys who can cover a scat back like him in space. Had Lee been in the game I doubt Sproles would have gone off the way he did.

    Morris, while outstanding, is much more of a traditional back. While he's going to get his yards, I don't see him flipping the field quite the way Sproles did against us. Again, mainly because Sproles was just a matchup nightmare for our defense given the weaknesses it has.
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    TO differential in Dallas losses: -2 (SEA), -4 (CHI), -1 (BAL), -4 (NYG), 0 (ATL), -2 (WAS), -1 (NO).

    TO Differential in Dallas wins: 0 (NYG), -1 (Tampa), +1 (CAR), +2 (PHI), 0 (CLE), +1 (PHI), 0 (CIN), +1 (PIT).

    We're 0-4 in games where our opponent has not turned it over (SEA, BAL, ATL, NO). We're 2-1 when we don't turn it over (PHI x 2, ATL).

    We're -11 in TO differential through first 8 games (3-5). +1 in the 7 games that followed (5-2).

    Washington was our only multi-TO game in the last 8 games.

    Dallas TO's through 8 games = 19, Dallas TO's in the next 7 games = 7

    I think solidified O-line play has had a lot to do with our ability to cut down on TO's.
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    It's pretty easy to look perfect when you have receivers running open on pretty much every play. It's not like he was just making passes that only the great QBs can make. Those were simple pitch and catch because we could not cover anyone at all.

    I'm guessing we are forgetting what RG3 did to us a month ago.
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    ... and this is why victory will be sweeter than ever!!!!
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    I am watching Sunday NFL Countdown on espn and i swear if the skins dont make the playoffs or go far in the playoffs there programming time will be cut down to a half an hour. You would think that the NFC east has never played a meaningful game before. Yes it is a big game,all this hype is unnecessary...i think we all know what is on the line here. I think TOM JACKSON is going to break down in tears if RGIII doesnt win this game...it is embarrassing!!!

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