Ex-Cowboys kicker, Austrian soccer star dies

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by dguinta1, Sep 13, 2005.

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  2. Doomsday101

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    I'll never forget seeing him when he was with the Oilers standing on the sidelines at the Astrodome with his helmet in one hand and a cigarette in the other hand. LOL

    Also recall reading in Walt Garrison book how the players on the team where trying to teach Tony english needless to say the word for good morning was a curse word and when Tony went to say Good Morning to Landry, Tom told the guys to stop teaching Tony english. LOL
  3. TruBlueCowboy

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    Yeah, Garrison had some good Fritsch stories. Some of the things that guy could do were amazing.
  4. dguinta1

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    Ahh the good ol' days with the master, Tom Landry.
  5. CrazyCowboy

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    Sorry to hear about this........God be with him.
  6. CliffnMesquite

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    Imagine closing your eyes in one world and opening them in another, and there's Tom Landry smiling at you.

    Rest in peace Toni.
  7. Woods

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    Now that's something, a helmet in one hand and a cigarette in another.

    Wonder if the league would tolerate that now-a-days? :)
  8. CalCBFan

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    No, because there's no smoking indoors anymore...
  9. fiveandcounting

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    thats a sreal hame

    correction though Mike Clark was the kicker in the "72" super bowl not Fritsch
  10. Redball Express

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    Another one leaves. This is when you know we are getting up there as a franchise. Wasn't he the guy that tried to throw for a first down or was it a 2 pt. conversion in a SB after a botched snap..?

    I remember NFL Films had a field day with that one.


    I think he was one of those guys they found with the old "Kicking Caravans" Tex Schramm thought up where they went to cities doing tryouts looking for the next Pete Gogolak.

  11. dougonthebench

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    If its Superbowl 6 you are talking about,Fritsch was on the team.I have the official team poster right above my computer,and Tony is #15,bottom row,4th from the left.Between Morton and Renfro.
  12. Billy Bullocks

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    I was born in Austria...this is probably the only Cowboys player my dad(full on Austrian) knows. I just remember, in Austria, seeing highlites of him, the secret ninja onside kick he pulled. And yes, they showed the shot of him holding his helmet and smoking. What an ugly guy haha.
  13. Chief

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    Well said.

    Toni was just another interesting character in the great history of the Cowboys.
  14. bbgun

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    Farewell, Toni.

  15. fortdick

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    Only during a blue moon!
  16. poke

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    you may be thinking of garo yepremian whose mishap received a lot of attention because it was in a SB. it does seem like i remember Fritsch
    having a play similar to that during his time here but i dont think it
    actually cost us a touchdown. i could be wrong..the memory isnt what it used to be.

    it is one of espns 100 greatest moments of the Super Bowl and this comes from them.

    [font=Arial,Helvetic,sans-serif]23[/font][font=Arial,Helvetic,sans-serif]Garo's goof[/font]
    [font=Arial,Helvetica, sans-serif]Super Bowl VII: Dolphins' kicker Garo Yepremian tries to play quarterback after a botched FG attempt with 2:07 left and Miami leading Washington 14-0. As he tries to pass, the ball slips out of his hands and the Redskins' Mike Bass returns it for a TD. The Dolphins hold on, however, to complete their 17-0 season.[/font]
  17. silver

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    Wasn't Fritch the one who once said in his Austrian accent: "I will kick you a touchdown"
  18. Mkyle

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    The first training camp for Tony (from what I read)...he didn't know what a curfew was...so some players sent him out late one night to go get pizzas, because he loved pizza, and he got pulled over by a cop!

    He tells the cop, "But, I bee Kowboy keeker..."

    The cops say, "Yeah, and I'm the Lone Ranger...."!

    Some assistant coach had to come bail him out!! :laugh2:

  19. Cbz40

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    Sorry to hear this, Toni was a very solid kicker, very dependable. Also quite a character from what I have read and heard.
  20. StoneyBurk

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    Remember the story of Toni falling asleep on the team plane while smoking and almost caught the whole plane on fire. lol

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