Ex-Hurricanes and NFL QB Walsh prepares for first season as Cardinal Newman coach

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    Ex-Hurricanes and NFL QB Steve Walsh prepares for first season as Cardinal Newman coach

    Palm Beach Post Staff Writer
    Monday, July 27, 2009

    WEST PALM BEACH — Steve Walsh is not laying the foundation of Cardinal Newman's football program, but he is ripping out the old floorboards and replacing the carpeting.

    In the seven months since Cardinal Newman hired Walsh as the third head coach in the team's 48-year history, he has taken an acute interest in virtually every inch of the program.

    Walsh, 42, spent two months assembling the Crusaders' offensive playbook, which begins with instructions for forming the huddle. His spring practice script listed activities in five-minute increments for everyone on the field.

    He taught another lesson on order and discipline in the locker room. When Walsh saw the floor littered with shoes, dirty laundry and jockstraps, he had the Crusaders run "gassers" until he was confident they understood the problem.

    "I needed to point out a few things," he said. "This is not how we're going to run our football team. We're not going to leave it to the janitor to clean up the mess."

    Walsh spent a little more than a year in Dallas, primarily as Troy Aikman's understudy, before the Cowboys traded him to New Orleans. He went on to play for Chicago, St. Louis and Tampa Bay before finishing his career with Indianapolis.

    During his decade in the NFL, Walsh played for Johnson, Jim Mora and Tony Dungy, each of whom influenced the way he plans to coach.

    "I really don't think they'll be impatient with him," said Alan Tucker, who has two sons on the team and serves as president of the school's Quarterback Club. "Anybody that spends 10 minutes talking to Steve Walsh knows he has the program headed in the right direction and knows exactly what needs to be done."


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