News: Ex-NFL scout Bryan Broaddus on how Cowboys passed on Eagles' RB LeSean McCoy in 2009

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Wood, Feb 18, 2013.

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    Needs fluctuate wildly from day to day. One bad pile up and rolled up leg or concussion turns a team strength into a weekness. One uncovered gem turns a weakness into a strength. "Reality" should have more durability than week to week, day by day, status. Ultimate baseline talent is the ultimate reality. Good football players beat bad football players.

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    This very thing could happen in this year's draft. It is conceivable that the best player on the board at 18 might end up being a WR.

    What do you do if that's the case and you have to pick?
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    Pull a Minnesota Vikings and just don't turn in the card until a few more teams select :)
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    The tier gap is usually not that great that early in the draft.
    Chances are that they will have at least 3-4 players tiered together when the 18th pick comes up.

    Anyway, the WR class this year is wildly unpredictable at the top. We're not talking Julio Jones or AJ Green or Fitzgerald here. I've seen a few not-so-kind reviews of both of the top two guys. Draft Scout, for example, has Keenan Allen ranked 38th. I've seen Patterson ranked in the 20s by several people as well....McShay has both guys rated in the 20s.
    That uncertainty would be all the ammo a team would need (deservingly so or not) to devallue someone a few slots.

    However, if for some reason a WR was in a tier that inluded top 10 players and we had nobody remotely close to him when our slot came up, you either take the player or trade out of the spot. Plain and simple.
    My guess is that will not be a problem.
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    Don't you think we'd be better off if we had contributing players on the team from a draft four years ago?

    Not a single guy is still here. That's actually hard to do.
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    Take the WR and don't look back.

    Our #3 WR production was abysmal last year on a per route basis. Austin is probably a cap casualty next year, Bryant is an off the field incident away from a suspension and we have a bunch of (as of yet) "just guys" at 3rd WR who at best are just slot guys and can't fill in on the outside if Austin or Bryant have significant injury (and both of them are prone to significant injury, particularly Austin). It would be nice to actually look down the road and address future needs, instead of just constantly running around putting out fires.
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    I think this is not the best year to be burning a mid 1st rounder on a WR, when there are so many good ones to had in the 2-4th rounds.

    But your point stands.

    Take the Giants for example
    Hakeem Nicks, Vicor Cruz, and they took a stud in the draft last year in Rueben Dominick Hixon and Barden. Jeesh.
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    Does anybody remember what the Cowboys runningback situation was entering that draft?

    Why won't Broaddus or Fallen Pebble put this in proper context?

    Here are three big reasons why the Cowboys likely passed on McCoy:

    1.Marion Barber was in the second year of a big money deal he had signed before the start of the 2008 season.Barber had a dissapointing 2008 season, but I don't think many thought he was done.

    2.The Cowboys had just used a first rd pick on Felix Jones the year prior.Felix had some injury issues in 08, but there were still high hopes for him.

    3.Tashard Choice looked to be a steal of a fourth round pick in 2008.He single handidly was the reason we were competitive versus the Steelers and Ravens in 2008, and he woke the team up and saved us from an embarrassing loss at Kansas City in 2009.

    Putting this situation in proper context, would you still draft McCoy?I guess then our backfield would have been referred too as the four-headed monster!

    Fallen Pebble and Broaddus would then whine about Jerry only drafting "sexy" positions...
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    The context changes nothing. The Cowboys not only passed up the best player on the draft, but then reached for self believed immediate needs. The ramifications? The worst of all worlds. None of the "needs" were filled because they picked sub optimal players who were incapable of filling them, and now the best player on their board has since went on to become a Pro Bowler for a position that is currently a "need" on the team.

    Thus the reason why drafting for need almost always gets you in trouble. Self perceived "need" fluctuates wildly from moment to moment, and filling "needs" with rookies carries low success rate given that most rookies are not ready to play immediately (and many never pan out, period). You're better off just getting the best talent on the board and filling "needs" by taking fliers on low cost, low investment free agents who can plug and play right away.
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    Of course. was yet another blunder of a thousand blunders.

    Nothing screams progress like wallowing in yesterday. You still pissed about Moss?
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    Might have gotten panned that day, but would anyone be panning having McCoy on this team right now?
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    Most rookies sign 4-year contracts. The 2009 draft mattered most in 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012. It is now 2013 and time to move on from 2009. If the players had been great, then they would be expensive to sign for 2013. The Cowboys could sign another team's successful FA for the same cost.

    The Cowboys will lose 1st round pick Mike Jenkins; however, he would have required a contract similar to Brandon Carr if he stayed healthy. The real value in Jenkins was what he was able to contribute under his rookie contract.
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    Who cares what everybody thinks? You build your draft board and you stick to it no matter what because that's your job, regardless of what the fan base thinks. lol How would we look now for taking McCoy? Pretty damn good, I'd say.
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    Wow. Just wow.
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    Victor Butler was on the roster in 2012 and he's a free agent.
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    What I would be curious about is how high was McCoy slotted on cowboys board. We keep hearing he had 1st round grade but that covers alot of ground. I still think you take best player available. Biggest problem here is Jerry always thinks he is just a 'trade' or 'draft pick' away from going to super bowl. What he doesn't realize is his teams don't even marginally resemble what Super Bowl winning teams do.
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    It's amusing to me that some people say it's 2009 let's move on. Trust me right after the draft occurs this board will be filled people clamoring to wait three years before evaluating a draft. For the record I think there is some merit to this view. However you can't be intellectually consistent and then say let's ignore past draft mistakes three to four years after they happen. Especially when the same decision maker and much of the same front office that remains on the team.

    This isn't just a case where the pick didn't work out. This was a poor drafting decision period. You could not possibly construct a better example for why you should draft the best player available. If you are not willing to take him why is he even on the board?

    I don't have perfect information is a fan. When Tom Ciskowski says we take best players available I typically believe him. We did take both Lee and Carter and that worked out well. I'm hoping we have more Lee and Carter type picks and less passing on first round talent type picks in the future.
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    You are failing to take into account that there's a limit to the players available in free agency. A cornerstone type player like a Ware or Witten is usually not available. Even when they are there are usually only a few giving them a lot of leverage. Unless you are willing to grossly overpay you can't guarantee you will be able to sign them.

    I will agree that you are right on Jenkins though. He is a good player but replaceable. I think most good teams teams have managed to both draft and perhaps resign cornerstone type players while having some good players playing on their rookie deals.
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    John Phillips too.

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