Excluding QBs if you could pick any player in the NFL to have on our team, who would you pick?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by HappyOnions, Jun 23, 2014.

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    I like your reasoning, but Watt is better than Ware was at his best.

    I believe he's a better pass rusher than Ware was in '08-'09. He's more efficient with better numbers and is doing it from a much tougher position.

    He's Ware's superior in the run game. And through 3 years, he has more batted passes than Ware does in his 9 seasons.

    Ware has the edge in forced fumbles though.
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    Suh... With a kill switch.
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    JJ Watt...but wait until either he or Clowney reach FA as the Texans won't be able to afford both at that point
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    I'm pretty sure the Texans exercised an option on JJ that keeps him thru the 2015 season & gives them plenty of time to sign him to a new contract.
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    Earl Thomas we haven't had good safety play in over a decade

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