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excuse me i think julius jones is much better than clinton portis

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by joegibbslovesfingdallasup, May 9, 2004.

  1. Sarge

    Sarge Red, White and brew... Staff Member

    24,371 Messages
    9,117 Likes Received
    It's bad around here right now - no doubt.
  2. AJM1613

    AJM1613 New Member

    2,924 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    Who do you think is better?
  3. Shuttemdown41

    Shuttemdown41 Member

    804 Messages
    7 Likes Received
    Given the choice I'd shoot them both and put the rest of us out of our misery.

    But that's just me. :p
  4. joegibbslovesfingdallasup

    joegibbslovesfingdallasup Benched

    15 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    So nobody denies that Portis is the best RB in the NFC East, great
  5. Sarge

    Sarge Red, White and brew... Staff Member

    24,371 Messages
    9,117 Likes Received
    I'm sorry - did you say something?
  6. Skeptic

    Skeptic New Member

    851 Messages
    0 Likes Received

    Genius post.
  7. novadog

    novadog New Member

    85 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    Not to be a stickler

    but if you ask for best RB
    then say "best running game"
    you're kind of contradicting yourself when you say that the eagles dude can't consider the 2 together...

    as for this thread

    I've got better uses for my time


  8. Az Lurker

    Az Lurker The Lurker

    323 Messages
    47 Likes Received
    Portis is the best RB in the NFC East right now, but the redskins have the 2nd worst line in the NFC East too.

    Redskins fans belive that because Bugel is back they're going to get back the hogs of the 80s, but they should look also at what he's done since then too. I think his last job was San Diego 1999-2000, and their line was a special kind of bad those two years...

    And Portis is a small quick back, which is the exact type the fast little defense that Dallas is running tends to stop cold from begining to end.

    And as far as it goes, Dallas linebackers are the best in the division, as is their secondary if pete hunter isn't worse then Mario Edwards (48% completion rate despite lacking a great pass rush), thought he eagles probably have a better d-line now that they've recovered from all their injuries.

    What it comes down to is this: Cowboys don't fear any offense out their, they allowed the fewest yards last year, and the 2nd fewest points, and since then, they got better...
  9. joegibbslovesfingdallasup

    joegibbslovesfingdallasup Benched

    15 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    wait a minute dallas has some incredible linebackers

    way better than the skins

    excuse me am i missing something

    lavar arrington really sucks, marcuz washington blows ***, and barrow only around 150 tackles so bad isnt he

    pierce nice little backup and mitchell

    we got no depth at all

    yes dat nugen is the best linebacker in the nfl
    hands down

    JR HELFRICK New Member

    222 Messages
    0 Likes Received

    You need to go to www.extremeskins.com and hang. I know this may be hard for you but just cut and paste the site address in your browser and it will direct you there.
  11. speedkilz88

    speedkilz88 Well-Known Member

    25,566 Messages
    5,072 Likes Received
    Them are some stud LBs those redskins have, too bad Hambrick couldn't play them all 16 games.
    Troy Hambrick home vs. Wash 21 100 4.8 2 td
    Troy Hambrick at Wash 33 189 5.7
  12. CowboysNumeroUno

    CowboysNumeroUno Member

    461 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    Isn't Arington holding out or something? I thought I read that somewhere...But it may be old news...
  13. joegibbslovesfingdallasup

    joegibbslovesfingdallasup Benched

    15 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    AND WE had marcuz washington and barrow right

    no didnt think so
  14. Az Lurker

    Az Lurker The Lurker

    323 Messages
    47 Likes Received
    Redskins LBs may have some good physical gifts, but lets face it, they don't play well as part of the defense as a whole. Arrington is a very good LB, but he's over rated, and freelances too much, giving up a few big plays a game on blown assignments.

    Dat and Coakley are always in position, and always make the play. They may not be as exciting, but they make they plays that they're supposed to, as opposed to missing their assignment going for a sack.
  15. Hostile

    Hostile The Duke

    119,476 Messages
    4,104 Likes Received
    My apologies folks. I had to go to church. I would nto have allowed this guy to keep spewing had I been here to see it.
  16. novadog

    novadog New Member

    85 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    Yes how could I forget Barrow from the almighty Giants terror/shut down defense. He was so amazing he had all of 1 team wanting him to join them.

    As for Lavar, yup he's awesome. But refresh my memory... but did the Redskins hire a high profile coach to a record setting contract because he was going to redefine the team and they signed a bunch of big FAs and were going to just smoke the rest of the NFL...

    as for Taylor, you might as well send that Skins jersey with his name on it back cuz he's signing with the Postons which means he'll play about as many NFL downs this season as Christopher Reeves

  17. thevinegarsting

    thevinegarsting New Member

    43 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    the Skins and the Eagles and the Giants are a JOKE
    im laughing right now at them (and their supporters who come on this board to try to sway peoples opinions of their suspect teams)


    so does the COWBOYS ZONE

    honestly, i think the reason that the Eagle and Skin fans come here is because their sites don't have near the info or good posts that this one does. Hands down, this is the most informative message board I have seen on the net. I know why they come here, they are bored on their own teams boards.
  18. Joshmvii

    Joshmvii Cowboys baby!

    2,809 Messages
    277 Likes Received
    I hate to agree with an Eagles fan :p but he is probably correct. Not only can Portis not stay healthy, but he is a product of Alex Gibbs offensive line in Denver. Mike Anderson is a fullback for pete's sake, and he ran for 1400 there.

    Fresh legs had a lot to do with Buckhalter's success last year, but if Brian Westbrook put on 10 more pounds of muscle to take a harder beating, he could be one of the best. He has great vision, moves, hands, the whole package. I'd take him in a second.
  19. AJM1613

    AJM1613 New Member

    2,924 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    Are you saying that you have a better message board than us? That is crazy. We have the best message board, ask anyone who has been there.

    To put it in perspective:
    We have over 40,000 people
    You have, what 1,000?

    Go over and check it out.

  20. BrAinPaiNt

    BrAinPaiNt Looking down on you Staff Member

    67,646 Messages
    14,474 Likes Received

    If that is the case...with 40,000 people...then how in the world do you have so much time to post as much as you do on this board?

    Surely with that many members you must have a huge number of posts and theads added to that board on a daily basis...and if that is the case then how can you spend so much time here? Is it quanity over quality there or what?

    I am not ripping your board at all....but I just can not fathom having that many members, and surely way more posts/threads about your own team, yet you seem to find a way to spend a good amount of time on this board....very odd don't you think? I mean you have more posts on this board then I do....and considering I was in the top 3 in number of posts at our other site that is saying quite a bit.

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