News: Expert: Tony Romo unlikely to play Monday

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Ranzo, Sep 19, 2011.

  1. Ranzo

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    Dr. Michael Kaplan analyzes Tony Romo’s injury. The medical expert says Romo's lung needs to heal completely for him to be able to play safely and that he'd be surprised if it did within a week's time.

    Video of the expert yonder:


    I'd be surprised too, and I not even an expert, don't even play one on the internet. Let Kitna go-- with some stepped up practice time he'll be okay.
  2. Gemini Dolly

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    I have confidence that Kitna can hold the fort for these next two games. Let Romo heal for the Patriots.
  3. ScipioCowboy

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    What does this quack know? ;)
  4. Hostile

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    I'll bet he plays.
  5. JackMagist

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    If it is his choice I agree. But the doctors may not clear him.
  6. kristie

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    same here.
  7. brucekr

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    I'm hoping he can go. Washington is gonna bring the house on him though and make him want to sit. Our O-Line needs to take a huge step forward this week to protect him.
  8. Aikbach

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    Well if he dies in game at least he'll go out with toughness...
  9. CrazyCowboy

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    He was cleared the day it happened by the doctors, therefore, I like his chances with 7 days rest ;)
  10. boysfanindc

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    But I am not sure they knew the full extent of the injury at that time.
  11. Doomsday101

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    I hope he can play but completely understandable if he can't go. Either way I would expect Kitna to get more reps than normal this week.
  12. Ranzo

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    It's hard to KNOW anything, really, but if latest reports are true, and as his injury situation clarifies a little it's imponderable to me that any staff physician would release him to play vs the Foreskins and possibly for a good spell. Romo doesn't get a vote in this particular case...not about being gritty.
  13. Ren

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    We'll be ok with Kitna if he doesn't play, doubt he got a lot of 1st team work going into Sundays game and the picks looked to be poor communication. Give him a full week and that shouldn't be a problem again.
    If we can get to the bye at 2-2 and get healthy then i like our chances down the stretch so there's no reason to go all inn in week 3
  14. Carolina Cowboy

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    So do I.
  15. visionary

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    lol, internet tough guys at it again:laugh2:

    this is not a "toughness" thing guys, get off your high horse and stop pretending as if you know anything

    if his lung is punctured because of fractured ribs he should not be allowed to play a contact sport like football until it completely heals up

    he would be putting himself at risk for lung collapse and serious health issues if he takes another hit
  16. Stautner

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    Detroit looks pretty good, and the skins are better than many predicted. Still, if we have to go with Kitna, so be it. I think he will give us a chance to win.
  17. Doomsday101

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    I don't think anyone around here is in a position to know if Tony can go or not. Right now it is wait and see, I'm sure the Cowboys medical staff will be relied on to help make the determination.

    STSINAZ Active Member

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    I think he needs to sit til it heals....kitna can do a good job for us...
  19. kTXe

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    His performance against the 49ers last week suggests otherwise.
  20. cowboys2233

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    But he didn't die, did he? So he should be good to go. He's playing.

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