FA QB X: 33 yo, league leader in picks. No playoffs in 3 years. Would you sign him?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by KB1122, Jan 3, 2013.

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    The Read option is an advanced form of Wildcat.

    It really is basically the same thing with a bigger threat of throwing the ball.
    But defenses will adjust and then it will as ineffective as a regular wildcat is now. Which is basically useless at the NFL level.

    The problem with rushing based offenses are that teams can hold you to few points for high yards. Even at 28 points Washington only beat us because the defense was dominant. Teams score 30 points often in this era. We scored 31 in the first loss to the Skins. And in that game they actually passed to put 38 on the board.
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    typical. The only reason we got that far was because of romo. But go on living in your delusional world
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    football IQ.

    I doubt you ever passed football 101
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    Running game helps the passing game it always has. Coaches are not running the ball for the hell of it, they do it because it is a part of the game and when you run effectively it forces defense to adjust to it in doing so it caused LB to cheat up it causes safety to cheat up and when they do the passing lanes become much larger. Teams will pound you all day until you adjust and when you do they will take their shots. This notion that this is a passing league and running does not matter is BS it does matter and that is why teams around the NFL continue to run the ball and yes use top picks to get top RB. It really is not hard to understand
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    Yes they did. Aikman was absolutely atrocious in the playoffs in both 1998 and 1999.
    1998 Playoff Game against the Cardinals (1:3 TD:INT ratio, 37.0 QBR), or the 1999 Playoff Loss to the Vikings (0:1 TD:INT ratio, 70.1 QBR).

    Aikman was great when he had a top 5 defense and maybe the greatest ground game the NFL has ever seen. When he didn't have those things, and he was forced to carry a bad running game and a bad defense into the playoffs, he had the same problems that Romo had. Eventually when you have to heave it up enough times on a playoff caliber team that only expects the pass, bad things will happen.

    Romo isn't in the Peyton or Brady category as a QB who can singlehandedly carry a bad running game and a bad defense to a Superbowl. That puts him in the category with a lot of other good QBs, including Aikman.
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    and the congregation says... AMEN!!

    After all it is only Roger Staubach and Troy Aikman themselves saying Romo is a great QB who is asked to do too much. What do they know?
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    For a second there, I almost thought you were talking about Brees.
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    I'd have him on my fantasy team. We don't count INTs.

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    Why? That is who you are talking about.
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    The year before Eli Manning won his second super bowl he led the league in turnovers.
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    maybe when we get a defense worthy of a nickname like "Orange Crush" as well...
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    The delusional ones are those who give Romo all the credit for our wins, but say its a team game when we lose.

    Like yourself, burm. ;)

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    Would you also tell me that he holds his franchise records for passing and TDs, ahead of 2 Hall of famers, and did not play QB for as many years as either of htem?

    If so I'd start to wnder how not making the playoffs might not be his fault. I'd also wonder if his higher intereceptions are merely the result of throwing more passes that lead to higher yards and TD totals.

    And with so much empahsis on passing, I might want to know what kind of running games he's had to balance the pass, or what kind of defenses are helpoing to give the offense opportunities.

    Or are his terams passing so much because they have no running game, or because they're always falling berhind in the score because the defenses are too weak?

    At 33, do I sign him to 5 years? No, unless it's really a 2-3 year deal with voidable years tacked on the end of it.
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    Aikman is a HOF QB and you think Romo is in his category? I guess the question comes down to just how many big games has Romo won? Big games are not just playoff games. I can only think of one playoff game and one big win against the Saints. Compare that to the big games he has lost with turnovers and he doesn't look so good. I like Romo, but he has no proven track record in these big games. Use the team as an excuse if you want, but the team is not the ones that turns the ball over. Put him in a big game on nationel TV, and he will throw the picks or fumble. I think he tries to do to much and screws up.
  15. InmanRoshi

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    He certainly wasn't performing like a HOF QB in 1998 or 1999 (or anytime after 1995, for that matter). Seems like his HOF play was directed correlated to the level of supporting talent around him. Imagine that. I know Cowboy Fans have now rewritten history and Troy Aikman retired immediately after the 1995 season, but it's not really so ... he played for five seasons after that.

    I guess it comes down to how you define a big game. Thanks to the slow start, the Cowboys have been pretty much been playing in "must wins" and "big games" since November, but now the Bengal and Steeler games have been suddenly been deemed meaningless. This is what happens when you have a team completely and utterly dependent on a QB playing 7-8 game stretches without a clunker, and you've set yourself up for a thin margin of error. Peyton Manning is the greatest QB of my lifetime, if not in NFL history (IMHO), but that's precisely why he's spent most of his career being called a choker, why he's only won 1 Superbowl Ring and didn't win it until his 9th season in the league. He hasn't been afforded the luxory of winning a division playoff game where he goes 9-18 for 100 yards
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    That's the issue I have with this whole Romo is 1-6 in deciding games.

    Morons. If Romo hadn't been in godmode since midseason there wouldn't have been a deciding. We had about 7 of them before we played the Redskins.
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    Aren't you the guy that was cheerleading for Romo making threads and everything supporting him? Don't give up on him now. Not after you debated like crazy about how wonderful he was. You basically flip flop back and fourth on Romo. He is nothing more than fools gold.
  18. ufcrules1

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    Yeah, glad you mentioned the word "midseason" because before that he was in meltdown mode giving away games like candy.
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    Come on man, we would've had 3 or 4 damn wins if it wasn't for Romo. Yes, he blew it last Sunday and probably cemented his legacy as a choke artist, but even rival fans can't deny that he's the reason we were even in a position to win the division.

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