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    I guess to most of you guys, 'fashion' begins and ends with watching supermodels strut down a runway, but this fall has the most gorgeous, lush designs, fabrics, and KILLER looks. It is, imho, the best fashion season of the last twenty years.

    It's been billed as a return to elegance and it's ALL good, from the palette - a lot of grays this year, especially charcoal, and rich merlots and purples with a splash of teal), to the fabrics (wools are back bigtime and super soft knits and matte jerseys galore) to the accessories (plenty of metallic influences, patent, and huge glam cuff bracelets.)

    You might as well start your holiday shopping early for the ladies in your life - there will be a RUN on the top trends.

    LTN's top suggestions (aka MUST haves this fall).

    1. Elbow length gloves. They're being shown (and aleady on backorder) at Nordstom, Saks, and Neiman Marcus in leather (including patent), suede, and cashmere at outrageous prices, but hit the local sado shop where they never went out of style . These are NOT opera gloves, but to the elbow and the look is wearing a ton of bangles and a big rock OVER a glove. Even Michael Jackson couldn't have thunk this trend up.

    2. Funnel necks. Yes, like those dohickies you pour car oil thru - only worn above the collarbone. Ralphy Lauren tweed coats have them, Stella McCartney dresses have them, Marc Jacobs sweaters have them - they give an elegant twist to just about any garment. Waiting for Bill Belichicken to sport one on his hoody.

    3. Shooties. No, not a Keith Davis weekend, these are shoe boots cut off at the ankle and of varying heights ( Christain Laboutin does them at 140 mm, which in English is enough to make Aaron Glenn tall enough for Winicki). They are sexy at any heel height. Full length boots and ballet flats are also hot.

    4. Berets. They are back with a passion, and if your lady is a hat gal, I highly recommend a wool beret and matching (or better yet, tonal) sweater vest.

    5. Swing coats. An update on Chanel's classic 50's style. Bell sleeves and volumes on the arms, but the bodices are beautifully tailored. Any length will work..from cropped jackets to knee length coats. I advise a cropped lambskin smock style trapeze jacket for THE basic piece to build a wardrobe around this fall.

    6. Leggings. No the 80's have not returned, but the jacket volume requires balance, so bottoms have gotten tighter. There will be plenty of wide legged trousers to go with fitted tops, but with swing and trapeze style tops, it's the return of the legging (but so much more elegant - in cashmere blends !) and skinny jeans.

    7. Bangles and cuffs. The big bold lucite cuff bracelets that were so hot this summer have been replaced with jeweled (clear crystals and deep saturated jewel tones) cuffs that are being worn (even the widest) in multiples. Rolling bangles are still on-trend.

    8. GRAY. This color simply took over the season. Every designer from Galiano to Chloe has gotten on board (tho I noticed the House of Chanel hasn't bitten deep). Any hue from dove to slate is IN, but that deep rich-looking charcoal is the most popular. It looks incredible with the scarlets and merlots that are playing off it.

    9. Metallics. You can get it in heavy doses with a glitzy Whiting and Davis mesh bag, or in lurex thread in a mock turtleneck, in sunglass frames, or in bronzer, but you MUST have it. It's Hollywood bling or more muted, but it's gold, silver, bronze accessories and trappings.

    10. Animal prints. They never completely go out but this season they're in long gloves, in cuff bracelets, in shooties, in metallic scarves, and leather bags in a way they've never been before. Like everything else big this fall, from updated 60's mod, to new takes on vintage lace....you can't make it work with last year's stuff - the look is classic, retro, but totally NEW. And is SOOO luxurious - the boho look is dead!!! Long live elegance!

    That's it for now....if anyone has any questions or wants shopping advice, don't hesitate to ask me. :D
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    Merlot and teal? WTH? Can't you fashionistas just say red and green like normal people?:D
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    I wish I could remember which Miami Dolphin player it was a few years back who rebeled against the use of the word 'teal' to describe the uni.

    It was such an 'un-manly' color. :laugh1:
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    Can I wear a thong under my tux at my wedding?:lmao2:
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    The only fashion I wear is my Cowboys jersey with combat pants on gameday. :lmao2:
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    but you'll make more of a statement if you wear it over your tux.
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    What is the Queer Eye? ;)

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