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Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by Hostile, Sep 16, 2010.

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    I have been wanting to do this for a long time and haven't followed through. If you know for certain the URL to a player or coach's Facebook or Twitter page please post it. I will take this information and create a couple of threads to sticky in the Media Zone for people to have instant access to the correct sites. We will try our best to always have the best information for you.

    If you know that the info supplied is wrong, please PM a member of the staff and explain how you know this. That way no one needs to be embarrassed.

    If there are other accounts like Adam Schefter or Mike Lombardi that you think would be useful, please share them.

    Please share.
  2. jswalker1981

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    Jason Witten: @JasonWitten
    Skip Bayless: @RealSkipBayless
    Rob Phillips: @robphillips3
    Derek Eagleton: @derekeagleton
    Josh Ellis: @DCStarJEllis
    Jay Ratliff: @jayrat90
    Chris Mortensen: @mortreport
    Adam Schefter: @Adam_Schefter
    Miles Austin: @MilesAustinIII
    Official Dallas Cowboys: @dallascowboys
    ESPN Blogs ESPN East: @espn_nfceast
    Trey Wingo: @wingoz
    Dez Bryant: @DEZ_88

    And of course, I'm sure DCFanatic has even more, plus his own.
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    BryanBroaddus -- Self
    SI_PeterKing -- Self
    KungFuAstronaut -- Marty B
    sonofbum -- Wade Phillips
    felixjones28 -- Self
    Troy_Aikman -- Self
    tchoice23 -- Self
    marccolombo -- Self
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    @SteveBo72 - Steven Bowen
    @KOforPrez - Kevin Ogletree
    @BigSYoung76 - Sam Young
    @TheRealJWill58 - Jason Williams
    @24MarionBarber - MB3
    @MSpear96 - Marcus Spears
    @JayRat90 - Jay Ratliff
    @Ham36 - Michael Hamlin
    @BarryChurch42 - Barry Church
    @GSensabaugh - Gerald Sensabaugh
    @Hatcher97 - Jason Hatcher
    @SonofBum - Coach Wade
    @Dama3030 - Deon Anderson
    @OScandrick - Orlando Scandrick
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    Calvin Watkins: @calvinwatkins
    Todd Archer: @toddarcher
    DC Fanatic Radio: @DCFanaticRadio
    Nick Eatman: @nickeatman
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    Scandrick is actually-oscandrick32
  7. Go Big D!

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    A few I haven't seen posted yet

    Jerry Jones - JerryJonesCEO
    Emmitt Smith - EmmittSmith22
    Michael Irvin - michaelirvin88
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    Dez moved


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