Fair Trade Options to Add Picks

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by DFWJC, Apr 20, 2013.

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    Many of us would like to see Dallas add a pick or two in the draft if they can do so reasonably.

    Genrally, I say let the draft come to you, trust your scouting and stay true to your board as much as possible. Often the draft has a twist or two and maybe the best way to gain value is to trade.

    Just to get us thinking of the possibilities if the opportunity presents itself and makes sense, here are a few fair market (no blowing smoke here) ideas that cover a wide range of scenarios that would also add picks for Dallas.

    Dallas' 18th pick...for Cincy's 21st, 118th, and 156th
    Dallas' 18th pick...for Cincy's 37th and 53rd
    Dallas' 47th pick...for Cincy's 53 and 118
    Dallas' 18th pick...for Minny's 25th and 83rd
    Dallas' 18th pick...for Houston's 27th, 89th, 124th, and 160th
    Dallas' 80th pick...for SF's 93rd, 131st, and 173rd
    Dallas' 18th pick...for SF's 31st, 61st, and maybe 246th

    That was just a few reasonable options that would cover a lot of situations if the draft was falling a certain way.

    Any other fair market ideas?

    Trade Value Chart

    Th chart is a general guideline thoug it can get out of whack (rarely) when teams are reaching for a top player int he top 5 picks or so. Otherwise, it's usually accurate within 5% or so.
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    The problem is that there aren't a ton of possibilities of players falling to us that someone would want to trade up for. 18 is kinda the end of the range where what are considered to be the elite players of this draft will be available. I think teams would be more willing to trade into the 12-16 range. The only possibilities I can see if Vaccaro falls and someone wants to trade up for him, or if a team like Minny or Houston wants to trade up for Patterson (I'm assuming Austin is long gone).

    So to answer your question I would say Minnesota is definitely our best chance of trading back if they really like Patterson. I think getting 83 and 155 to move back 5 spots to 23 would be a pretty good move for us. This is only if both Warmack and Cooper are both gone of course.
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    From what's being said there are about 16 or 17 "round 1" talents in the draft, so being at 18 means you only need one deviation in selection to get one of the players on that plateau. This only matters I suppose based on the Cowboys personal draft board. I think we'll have one or two of those higher-rated player slip to us and I think we should stay put and take one. After that, I'm all for moving around the board.
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    We won't know until draft day.

    Of course, Dalllas' list of players that are 1st round worthy could be VERY different than some other teams'. There may be teams that have only 15 1st round worth and some with 25-26. Scheme, needs, and team preferences all come into play.

    Dallas isn't looking as hard as some teams in Rd 1 for 3-4 OLBs, ILBs, CBs, WRs, 3-4 DEs, QBs, TEs...all of those are possiblilites.

    Plus, nobody says it's has to be a 1st round trade. I like that second rund option of 47 down to 53 if the draft falls right.

    There are many options, but like you said, it takes tow teams to make a trade.

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