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Fake doc injected cement in woman's rear

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by speedkilz88, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. speedkilz88

    speedkilz88 Well-Known Member

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    I have now seen it all.

    Police in Florida: Fake doc injected cement in woman's rear

    Associated Press
    Published: 20 November 2011 02:55 PM

    MIAMI -- A woman who wanted to work at a nightclub started searching for someone who could perform plastic surgery at a cheap price to give her a curvier body. Police say what she found was a woman posing as a doctor who filled her buttocks with cement, mineral oil and flat-tire sealant.

    The suspect - who police say was born a man and identifies as a woman - apparently performed the surgery on herself, and investigators say she may have victimized others. Oneal Ron Morris, 30, was arrested Friday after a year on the lam and has been charged with practicing medicine without a license with serious bodily injury.


    The victim, who is not being named due to medical privacy laws, paid $700 for a series of injections in May 2010. She was referred to Morris by a friend.

    Morris injected some type of tube in several sites around her bottom, pumping it full of a toxic concoction. Morris reassured the woman when the pain became too intense, police said.

    Bamford said Morris told the woman, "`Oh don't worry, you'll be fine. We just keep injecting you with the stuff and it all works itself out.'"


    Bamford said the victim was reluctant to come forward. She quickly went to two South Florida hospitals due to severe abdominal pain and infected sores on her buttocks accompanied by flu-like symptoms. But she left each time, too embarrassed to tell doctors what she'd done.

    Her mother eventually took her to a hospital on Florida's west coast, where alarmed doctors pressed her for information. They alerted the Department of Health.

  2. BlueStar3398

    BlueStar3398 Active Member

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    That's crazy!! He used Fix-a-Flat!
  3. Dallas

    Dallas Old bulletproof tiger

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    How could any woman look at that things arse and say

    "Oh yeah, I want what you got. You obviously know what your doing. Put that Fix-O-Flat in this badonkadonk."


    Sad for the victim but you have to be smarter than she was. Who does something like this?

    Our society is just filled w/ the craziest people ever.
  4. peplaw06

    peplaw06 That Guy

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    That would have to be a hella big needle to inject cement.
  5. Dallas

    Dallas Old bulletproof tiger

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    I wonder at what time did they go for the full on cocking gun action?

    "You may feel some small discomfort starting w/ a burning sensation."

  6. CATCH17

    CATCH17 1st Round Pick

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    Cement and fix a flat? What is this? The Daytona 500?
  7. tupperware

    tupperware A Plastic Container

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    I'm feeling there is a really hilarious joke that can be made here but I haven't discovered it yet.
  8. WoodysGirl

    WoodysGirl Everything is everything... Staff Member

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    I'm sure I could think of a few jokes, but they wouldn't be Zone-approved.

    Needless to say the victim won't get that nightclub job she was seeking.
  9. peplaw06

    peplaw06 That Guy

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    I think she got ****** ***** by a ****** who had been eating rocks.
  10. big dog cowboy

    big dog cowboy THE BIG DOG Staff Member

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