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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TheKey, Jan 13, 2013.

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    Didn't post but viewed daily.
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    If Fans cheer and chant during a series of losing seasons, why would Jerry make changes to get better? Protesting, not purchasing tickets, not buying merchandise, things of that nature, is the only way to put pressure on the admin.

    And as KJJ said, if you're winning, then the fans will get rowdy. Now, if you start to win, the it's up to Jerry to change the fan atmosphere of the stadium. You have to win first though. Once the tradition has started, it may continue if they start losing again.
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    With all due respect, I think that's backwards Clove. By that logic we should have huge traditions due to the 90s. Jerry isn't making changes due to us being upset, he is doing it to win. Anyone who thinks he doesnt want to win is mistaken.
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    The business types who go to the games today due to the high cost will do the little golf clap. They are not the die hard fans of the Cowboys, so I doubt they will ever get into any chanting, etc...

    Jerry has created this atmosphere by charging extremely high prices. He has practically made it an advantage for the opposition.
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    okay I will give it a go

    Blue and Silver
    Silver and Blue
    Your team sucks
    and so do you...

    Cowboys, Cowboys
    everyone's dream
    but only one can claim
    America's team

    Cowboys Rock
    Cowboys sing
    while your team plays
    with their own ding-a-ling
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    What a cop-out. I cringe every time I see this.
  7. mmohican29

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    Whatever happened to the simple...."DALLAS!!! .... COWBOYS!!!” stadium chant and the lone ranger kickoff songs?
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    i like the BRUCE LEE idea.

    or a simple BRUUUUUUUUUCE every time he makes a play sort of like how we had with MOOSE in the 90s. i've been waiting for a similar chant like that to return.

    the thing is these players are not staying on the field long enough to establish a connection with the fans due to constant injuries. that and the fact that this defense refuses to make crucial stops on 3rd down and get turnovers demoralizes the spirit of the fans in the stadium. also i would like to see more personalty from our players, similar to what DEZ shows on nearly every play. scrap the RKG/robot philosophy, play with more EMOTION. where is the kenny gant or deion sanders or michael irvin personalty on this team that gets the crowd pumped up? other than dez there is nobody and unfortunately even dez has been scolded by the country club elites in our organization and fanbase to tone it down.
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    Three letters: M L S.

    I'm a soccer fan and supporters groups have been a major reason for MLS' growth. Seattle has a fan marching band. Philadelphia had a thousands-strong supporters' group before it had a team.

    What I would like to see is for the team to clear out a section or two for standing and chanting. Populate it with people who wish to enjoy the game this way. Having a few sections leading the way will hopefully improve the atmosphere throughout.

    TheKey, if you really want to do something about it (and this is a good start), find like minded individuals and go to the team as a season ticket holders and find ways to make it happen.
  10. LongSnapper

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    Good point but really after 17 years of NOTHING what is there to cheer about. Jerry sold the soul of this team to the devil. He has done his best to tarnish good men and their legacy pay back is a _________
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    I like it!!! Start organizing it now. Start at VR tomorrow and put some nice things about Jerry in your Banners. Really we need to invade his private domain and make him see how serious the fans are. EGG your the leader, show us the way.
  12. Rynie

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    Seahawks have a "sea-hawwwwwks" chant we could easily steal.

    'Cow-boyyys! Cow-boyyys!"

    However, their entire stadium got involved. Here, people look at you like a crazy drunk.
  13. KJJ

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    Jerry is making changes because he wants to win and needs to win to keep fans filling up his stadium. With all this talk you're doing about traditions it's obvious you're better suited for the college game where traditions are a big part of college football. The attitude and behavior of NFL fans is different from fans who follow the college game because NFL players are paid professionals making millions to play the game and it's more expensive for the average family to attend NFL games than it is college games.

    It's obvious by your avatar and sig and all this talk about coming up with situational chants and cheers that you've been spending too much time around the college game. You're wanting one person in each section of the stadium doing a specified activity everytime a situation pops up. Are you serious? lol

    Fireman Ed just hung up his helmet because he's so frustrated with the state of the Jets. It's impossible to get fans chanting anything positive when their team is losing. You said you expect fans to act the same way for a losing team as they do for a winning team and that's simply not going to happen in the NFL.
  14. hutch1254

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    I like the idea. I think one thing standing in the way is that we do have some traditions but the younger Dallas Cowboys fan isn't aware of them. Having missed the glory years and only knowing a life of .500 probably leaves a feeling of "what for, why should I bother" when reading the idea of the OP.

    While I agree that most traditions "just kind of happen" and then take a life of their own, I would not be opposed to trying to create tradition. On Christmas I got a Cowboys snow hat and it had a card inside. On the back of the card it said "You are wearing the the apparel of Legends" and it had a list:

    Five Rings
    20 Consecutive Winning seasons
    Seven super bowl MVPS
    Over 10 members in the hall of fame
    This is Mr. Cowboy
    This is the Hail Mary
    This is "The Trade"
    This is The Triplets
    This is every opponents big game
    This is the hole in the roof
    This is Americas Team
    This is The STAR

    I'm an older fan, started following in 1975. I think if I lived in the area and were a season ticket holder my traditional opportunity would be to dress like Tom Landry when I go to the game. I think it would be pretty cool to see a bunch of people in the stands wearing a Fedora like Tom. Or a Jimmy Johnson hair wig. That's just me.

    But I'd be on board with the OP's idea. Get some chants going for certain situations, look into the past for things we maybe used to do that are gone, maybe the crowd yells "Cowboy up!" on a defensive third down, I think it'd be fun.
  15. ufcrules1

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    I really like the Bruce idea and will roll with it... We also need to find someone on offense to cheer on like that. Or like Denver does when a pass is incomplete by the other team on 3rd down.. the announcer says.. that pass was.... IN-COM-PLETE...... and the crowd yells it loud. It is something that gets EVERYONE involved because it is catchy to say.

    Also agree with you that players here need to show emotion, passion, and swagger on the field. The problem is, most of these guys look to the veterans and the veterans are quiet non leader types. That is why this team needs to be blown up. Just a bad mix of players.
  16. ufcrules1

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    So true. What I will say though is I have been to games were we looked like crap and the fans were completely dead (Browns game) but at the end when it looked like we may come back, the whole stadium got into it. So there is some merit to the idea of the fans will get better as the team improves. With that said, we do need some particular unique chants that will get the fans more into the games. Our team is going to suck for a while with Romo as the QB, Jason Garrett at head coach, and a great great grandfather at DC.
  17. rbr651

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    This is the same way that I feel, and think it's a big part of the problem with our fanbase. Yeah I hate the Cowboys losing as much as the next guy, and I've only been to 7/8 games all in the old stadium, but would love to be around cheering fans win/lose/draw. We don't have to have a smile, but we should be making noise except when we're snapping the ball . It seems like most people can't enjoy the game unless we're winning, I enjoy all aspects of the game, and I'll take a 7-3 defensive battle any day over a 52-14 beating.

    As far as tradition I vote that during the Eagle home game we pelt opposing teams with batteries. Who's game?
  18. rbr651

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    I disagree the fans have been anything but loyal, this board isn't a good cross section of fans, this board could be the only fanatics that this team has. As much disagreement that there is on here I think for the most part everyone here is a fan to the extreme. However even when the Saints were the Aints you had a loyal fan base that showed up even if they covered their heads with paper bags. In Detroit they ran a coach out of town with their displeasure, as much hate as there is for JJ you never see it at the stadium. You rarely see emotions at the game good or bad, Texas is known for it's football culture but yet many fans don't know when and what to cheer for at the games. Drive through west Texas on a Friday night during football season and you won't see a single car on the street due to their football loyalty, we need to put some of this love and energy into our pro team.
  19. Meat-O-Rama

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    I wish I lived in Dallas and could go to more games to support the effort. I think it's a great idea.

    If you think the stadium is a dead place and gives the team no advantage, do something to change it!

    I've got to think that someone with the club could be reached to help develop a fan program. Some sort of feedback to help get the crowd going during games. Video screen, PA system, handouts... something. maybe 9 out of 10 ideas don;t catch on. But if just one does and becomes a tradition it would be a great thing.
  20. jazzcat22

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    this is the attitude that he's talking about that needs to change.

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