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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TheKey, Jan 13, 2013.

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    NFL has priced out a lot of the diehard fans.

    Even the scalpers have to make something too.

    It's good and bad. I understand both sides of the situation.

    Chants and gimmicks haven't worked for the Redskins. Sit back on that one and get back to me.
  2. jazzcat22

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    Actually the plastic rat thing is from a long time ago....maybe it just restarted.
    Not sure what time frame you are referring too.

    But when Panthers first started, then when they made playoffs, and were palying very well.

    The Detroit Redwings tradition, that came about with the original 8 NHL teams.
    Redwings, started throwing Octupus on the ice....8 legs on an octopus, 8 teams...
    Well during a playoff game back in what the 90's i believe, some fan threw a rat on the ice, then others started bringing them in....well of course this was a disease type thing from all the dead rats, so they were allowed to throw plastic rats.

    Why rats, well Boca Raton, means mouth of the rat, from the nearby city. Why that, maybe because they couldn't throw cats on the ice, who know.
  3. theebs

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    I like it and I agree.

    We need some form of unity amongst us in the stadium.

    I have lots of thoughts on this and I want to start a blog built around this a little bit.

    FYI to those who don't know the stadium stayed full when being down big to chi, was and ny

    The fans did t quit or give up
  4. ScipioCowboy

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    Good idea, Theebs. I hope you start the blog.

    The bigger issue, in my opinion, is the stadium: It's not a good venue for football.
  5. theebs

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    It isn't and I am not a fan of the place. But once the ball is kicked off its all about football for most of us in there.
  6. jazzcat22

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    Chants, cheers, all that is fine and great idea. But also what is neded is a section with a nickname...Browns have the dogpound, Raiders have what the black hole?, Redskins the hogettes, even though I always question the menbers of that group...LOL....What other teams have what?...the Eagles have a jail...
    Steelers have thsoe stupid terrible towels, Packers even though not a section, but the Lanbeau leap crap.

    Cowboys need somthing, where fans dress and can be crazy.
    Like call it The stockyard, Rodeo, The ranch, or The Range, Gun Slingers, Hangman's corner with a noose and that weeks opposing QB in it...
  7. theebs

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    I would like to organize or be a part of a club here locally where we get together very now and then and watch old/classic/recent games.

    I think it would be great to be a part of something like that.

    I think renting out a theater like the movie tavern and watching the game on the big screen would be a lot of fun and a great way to organize a grass roots fraternity of fans.

    Maybe then u can get some fan unity going.

    Just a thought
  8. hutch1254

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    Some good things coming out. I like the Bruce Lee chant. I like the section name idea.

    How about a bullet ricochet sound plays when we make a first down and the fans make a shooting motion with the finger and thumb while pointing for the first down?

    Trying to think of something that could be done with the Romo to Witten connection seeing as that is a huge staple of our offense.
  9. Zordon

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    So how do we get these ideas to the organization? They could use the big screen to get some of these things going.
  10. Zordon

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    The stadium was electric for the cotton bowl.

    One thing I'd also consider is bucking tradition by switching up the home uniforms. It would be nice to see our defense flying around in some dark unis every once n awhile.

    Jerry needs to do something. The Saints game a few years ago was shameful but this year's Chicago game was beyond sad.
  11. Rynie

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    * yes, the whole "the stadium is too big excuse" is invalid. I've heard it get deafening in there for college games. Our fans are just quiet.

    **yes, it was. Straight embarassing.
  12. DenCWBY

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    Ummm... I admire your enthusiasm but I think it's popularity, $$ and sizzle first, winning second with JJ. They are not necessarily synonymous. Not that he does not want to win but he wants to under certain conditions which is not giving us the best chance to win.
  13. Boyzmamacita

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    Unconditional appreciation of winning is something the fans fail at too. A win is a win, but many posters here are not happy unless it's a blowout which hasn't happened in a long time.

    As far as Cowboys Stadium, Texas Stadium was just as quiet except when the Cowboys were very successful. I'm sure the same will be true for the current venue once the product on the field is better. Remember the back to back Eagles games in 2009? They seemed pretty loud then. Something to cheer about.
  14. 5Stars

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    That would be cool to see.

  15. dadymat

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    you nailed it....
  16. DenCWBY

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    Agree with you about the stadium noise in either stadium. It really doesn't matter and if they eventually build a winner, the noise will come. Great.
    I don't have to blow out opposing teams to be happy with my team. However when my team is so evidently disorganized or disoriented that they don't even compare to the upper echelon of the NFL and are being blow out themselves(chicago/seattle/wash) then I'm hindered by the product that I have invested in and in turn complain.
    Also when I see that the head(s) of the DC franchise (who control the quality of the product) sacrifice the product over their own egos (because they think they know football) its agonizing.
    I'm not investing anything else in this product until I see the heads doing everything they can to win. At that point I'm all in no matter what their record is.
    What would it take to start? A new GM with a strong football mind. It all starts from there. And yea, I know, I won't hold my breath.
  17. Holdenteller67

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    I doubt that's true. I hope you understand all wins aren't equal.
  18. Hoov

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    I see what you are saying. Something like how the KC cheifs had that chop movement with their arms and that would start a chant throughout the stadium.
  19. dadymat

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    actually they are all exactly equal......may not be as fun to watch as others, but they all add to the standings.....
    every single team in the league has ugly wins through out the season....
  20. Hostile

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    Kick 'em in the left knee
    Kick 'em in the right knee
    Kick 'em in the weenie, weenie
    We need a touchdown!

    Like that?

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