Fangupo signs UDFA deal with Texans

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by TheCount, Apr 30, 2012.

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    I gotta admit, this one hurts a bit. Fangupo was a guy a few of us had liked through the process, none more than myself. To see him land with Wade and the Texans stinks.

    I said I'd stop talking about the whole NT situation and I will, but I didn't see this posted anywhere and I know he had appeared on quite a few mocks. I was a little surprised he went undrafted (even with his athletic limits), but maybe they somehow can't find room for him and we get another chance, I really love the kid.
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    I can't say I disagree that a stouter NT would be beneficial but it is just very, very clear that our front office/coaching staff just doesn't feel the same. Agree or not, we like Rat at NT. He's not a DE in our eyes. Either that or we don't feel like any of those NT's are better than Brent.
  3. TheCount

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    Yeah, I don't disagree. I've never been under the impression they DISLIKED Rat at NT, but I was definitely surprised to see us bring in a DE on the smaller end as well, I didn't think they'd actually go even smaller. It's an interesting way to approach the front 3, that's for sure. No one else runs a 3-4 quite like we do, for better or worse.
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    Maybe they just really like Brent and Lissemore. Lissemore may be more the Rat type, but I still think Brent has something as that immovable object type NT, and will be a different guy healthy next year.

    And although this is way overplayed here, I do think he in particular will benefit from Woicik, because he's literally never had a real offseason program. Remember getting him in the supplemental draft, he first came in only like a week or two before camp opened in 2010. But Ratliff and a couple OL talked about how naturally strong he is.

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