News: [FanReport] Cooter Brown: Blue-White Scrimmage Observations

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by CooterBrown, Aug 7, 2011.

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    I was at the scrimmage today and I didn't see the "wide open receivers" they mentioned.

    Dez Bryant scored a TD on a qucik hitch pattern when he caught the ball, beat the Cb with a quick juke and outran everbody to the endzone.

    Jason Witten's TD was a great throw and a great in-traffic catch with Elam all over Witten. Witten was covered like a blanket, but his size allowed him to out-muscle Elam.

    There was pressure on Romo. Some of the passes he completed, he'd have never thrown if the defense had been allowed to hit him. I think Witten's TD was one of those.

    That is not to say the defense was great. They weren't, but they weren't "shredded" either. I thought the CBs were good today. Ball and Scandrick did very well. And, I thought McCann played well for the most part.

    My impression was that the offense was not capable of running the ball up the gut. Most of their big plays were pass plays on the perimeter like quick screens, hitch routes, and tosses in the flats to the running backs. Witten and Ogletree got more passes thrown their way than Austin and Bryant did.

    Lots of finesse, no power plays. As has already been pointed out, it was a scrimmage. 1st and Goal at the one, and they came out in shotgun formation and threw the ball.

    Arkin and Smith seemed to do well together. Parnell and Young were okay, but on wide reciever screens, they each got out there, couldn't figure out which defender to block, and wound up blocking nobody. If they ran a wide reciever screen when Smith and Free were out there, I didn't see it, or didn't notice.

    Felix Jones looked great. On one little pass to the flats, he made Bradie James look silly and then gained another 20 yards before being touched. (yes, even though it was a scrimmage, they generally played touch in the open field.)

    General observations-
    Tysson Poots did great today. Ran good routes, caught a deep out, a quick out, and a crossing pattern for about 15 yards.

    The second string punter, Chris Jones, shanked two badly. No need to keep him around.

    Buehler's kickoffs consistently went 5 or more yards deep into the end zone. Bailey was consistenty putting them at the one, with less hang time than Buehler's. Field goals- I wasn't counting, but I remember Buehler hooking a 40 yarder wide left.

    Lonyae Miller looked good today. Not only running and catching, but made a great pickup on an inside blitz. He was better than Tanner, and since we are talking about running backs, no need to keep Warren around either.

    Nagy did well as the second team center.

    ILBs Albright, Lemon, and Balogun were noticeable. Brandon Williams came clean for a would be sack on one play, as did Kirwan Cummings. Scandrick's corner blitz got picked up today. Victor Butler looks like he is ready to bust out and have a great season.

    Montrae Holland wasn't even dressed today. I seriously question them thinking he is ready to be a starter in the NFL.

    Jerry Jones was conspicous by his absence on the field today. If he was there, I didn't see him.

    I saw several pass plays today where two recievers were within 5 yards of each other where the pass was thrown. That can't be intentional.

    All in all, very vanilla on both sides of the ball. It wasn't really a "scrimmage" as I use the term. It was simply, "put the ball on the 25, and let the offense see if they can score against the defense. Then if they punt, put the offense out there going the other way." Lots of substitutions and very little first-team vs first-team stuff.
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    Thanks for the info.
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    I really didn't want this to be buried in the Rob Ryan thread..

    Thanks CB for the info. :)
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    And good call there WG. I wouldn't have seen this if not for seperate post.

    Now it makes sense why Offense did better than expected, due to no real hits allowed. But its still impressive by Offense.

    Without really being allowed to sack or hit, D is really at disadvantage any time.
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    Ok, after watching the highlights posted on, Cooter's observations seem to be accurate. I counted at least couple of times Tony could have been hit when he passed. So it wasn't as lopsided as reports are coming out.

    Seems like D had it chances and the same times, O looked good too. Unless the highlights don't show wide open WRs, I didn't see it being an easy day for O there.
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    Good stuff Cooter! I am so excited about all these young guys I think they are going to be solid players.
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    Yes! I had one of my posts get pinned!

    Or something.
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    Well, I understand what you're saying, but they need to keep guys like Chris Jones and Warren around, at least for now, so the others don't get worn out. Right now, we only have 3 healthy RB's besides Warren. And if we get in a preseason game, with our backup offenses, we could see a lot of short series and a lot of punts. Don't want to keep running McBriar out there.

    As for Holland, again I hear what you're saying, but the guy has started 50 games in his career.

    As for Jerry, he was at the HOF ceremonies yesterday. Probably just not back yet.
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    I have noticed over the years that people have different opinions of what they call wide open. In my opinion wide open is when the closest defensive guy is 5yds or more away. Some say you are wide open if you have a step or two.
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    ILB Lemon or Balogon?

    Nagy in as the 2nd Center, very NIOCE.
    Holland is a lame duck, Jerry was absent looking for the Free Agent Gaurd he's not going to sign.:laugh2:
  11. marchetta

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    Appreciate the re-cap. Thanks a bunch!
  12. LeonDixson

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    Thanks for the report Cooter. I didn't realize they were basically playing touch out there. And the fact that Romo threw some passes after he would have been sacked puts a different perspective on some of the offensive success. However, I'm not worried about our offense at all. Defense? Yeah, but so many starters were missing that it's hard to tell.
  13. FLcowboy

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    Thanks for the observations. I really wonder sometimes what the front office is thinking when players like Holland, projected to be a starter, can't hold their own against a rookie.
  14. DCBoysfan

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    Thanks for the in-person observation.
  15. MichaelWinicki

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    Arkin has looked much better than expected for a 4th round pick. To have projected him as even a potential starter a couple weeks ago would have been silly.

    Holland has started a lot of games in the NFL.
  16. CCBoy

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    As always, Cooter...

    and thanks for providing an insight into the linebacker picture. I wouldn't be surprised at all if one or a couple were kept on the practice squad this year.:starspin
  17. AsthmaField

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    I honestly think they want Arkin to win the job at some point this year. IOW, I don't think they're completely counting on Holland to shore up the RG spot all season long.
  18. Zaxor

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    thanks Cooter
  19. MichaelWinicki

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    That's a good point.

    I don't think this front office is as stoopid as many seem to think that it is.

    They know that there are potential starting guards out there in free agent land.

    But they also know signing one of those guys is going to be much more expensive than having a rookie man the position.

    Obviously the rookie needs to play at a relatively high level, which Arkin is starting to show.

    If Arkin fails, and Holland doesn't get into shape, then the team can look at free agent guards.
  20. AsthmaField

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    Right. That's pretty much the way I see it too.

    Bringing in a free agent guard would mean (IMO) cutting Holland because this new regime is dead set on getting some practice and playing time for the young, hungry guys. However, I don't think they see anyone out there that would be significantly better than Holland in the short term... at least not for around the same cost to the cap.

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