Fans disconnected from front office thinking.

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by nathanlt, Apr 27, 2012.

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    I'm not sure how much you follow football, but the Ryan Bros. are well known for blowing sunshine in the media out of all their players. However, if you watch their actions they tell the real story, and the actions of Rob Ryan show he was never a fan ... he immediately benched Rogers for Ahytba Rubin and made Rogers a part time situational pass rusher coming off the bench, then made absolutely no effort to bring him to Dallas once he hit the open market and brought in Kenyon Coleman instead.
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    I see what you're saying but at the same time the big names are the big names usually for a reason and it was usually (exclusions like Poe exist and other combine wonders) because they were big time ballers in major college programs. Sure there are a lot of busts from these types but the majority of the guys who pan out also came from major college programs.

    I think most, including myself, were cool with the RW trade at the time. I think most of us, especially myself, we furious that every pick in 2009 was spent on a project boom or bust type pick. Some teams can afford to do that, sometimes you have to here or there, otherwise who'd ever find a Larry Allen or Tony Romo, but you can't sacrifice the future and use 12 or 13 picks all on total project players. You either trade up for a few quality guys and use the rest on project players and ST'ers or you parlay some into better picks the next draft. We have zero starters from 13 picks with most some not even in the NFL now. 7 picks and next to no contribution is one thing, 13 is takes bad drafting to a new level and set us back years. In fact, I'm not even sure that had we moved up just a few picks in the second for our intended target, C Unger, that we don't win one more game this past season or two and one game was the difference between us making the playoffs and the NYG's not. Sadly, most board posters here recognized this back in 2009 and were going "***?!?" Turns out we were right. So to make blanket statements like "fans are stupid" may apply broadly, but certainly not to a lot of them, esp a lot of fans here. In fact, there are some posters here I think would do great in the real draft war room. Just because some people get paid to do a job doesn't mean they're the absolute best at it....see Mel Kiper, Mayock, analysts Warren Sapp and Shannon Sharpe....they're nozzles that are marginal at their current jobs.
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    I don't understand the argument against Ratliff at nose. We had no trouble stopping the run last year, and that was with Brent hurt for 4-5 games and Rat playing more snaps than he'll usually have to.
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    Though I am an outspoken proponent of NT, they Drafted the guy with the highest ceiling on the board.
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    Yes, calling people with a differing opinion "retards" is a great way to explain that you feel differently.

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