Fantasy Defenses down the stretch...

Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Zone' started by Mr. Fantasy, Nov 30, 2005.

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    I have been playing matchups for the entire season in one of my leagues and have done pretty well, considering most of the defenses I used for a week or two were found on the waiver wire. Here's a look at some of top scoring defenses over the last 3wks and their opponents up to week 16. I know that every league varies in scoring but I will post it anyway. Our scoring is mirrored from the WCOFF scoring rules:

    6 TD
    5 pt for shut out
    2 pt for 1-5 pts allowed
    1 pt for 6-10 pts allowed
    1 pt per sack
    2 pt for all turnovers

    Minnesota last 3wks: 52PTS (19pt avg)
    Week 13 @DET *
    Playoff Week 1 STL *
    Playoff Week 2 PIT
    Playoff Week 3 @BAL *

    Denver last 3wks: 46PTS (15pt avg)
    Week 13 @KAN
    Playoff Week 1 BAL *
    Playoff Week 2 @BUF *
    Playoff Week 3 OAK

    Jacksonville last 3wks: 36PTS (12pt avg)
    Week 13 @CLE *
    Playoff Week 1 IND
    Playoff Week 2 SFO *
    Playoff Week 3 @HOU *

    honorable mention:
    Tennessee last 4wks: 34PTS
    Week 13 @IND
    Playoff Week 1 HOU *
    Playoff Week 2 SEA
    Playoff Week 3 @MIA *
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    I have loved what Jacksonville has done all season, second to last pick in the draft.
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    I just grabbed Minny last week and they did well for me. This does help my wasted pick of Baltimore in the Draft a little bit.

    By the way, what is going on with CZFFL3? the page is all messed up.

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