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Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Zone' started by ethiostar, Sep 5, 2011.

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    I'm in a 10 team, .5 PPR league. I have played in this league for the last 6 or 7 years. We had our online live draft yesterday and this is what i ended up with. I picked 6th.

    We start...QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, W/T, W/R, K, DEF

    BTW, i usually don't draft a kicker. Depending on how strong my team is and how the first couple of match-ups project, i will either drop one of my draft picks and pick up a kicker or simply go without a kicker. This strategy has payed off for me the last few of years. Last year i went without a kicker for the first 5 games and won all but one and the one match-up i lost a kicker would not have made a difference.

    Here is what i ended up with

    Round. Player (overall)

    1. LeSean McCoy (6)
    2. Roddy White (15)
    3. Steven Jackson (26)
    4. Tony Romo (35)
    5. Dez Bryant (46)
    6. Jason Witten (55)
    7. Austin Collie (66)
    8. Beanie Wells (75)
    9. Sidney Rice (86)
    10. Jets (DEF/ST) (95)
    11. Jonathan Stewart (106)
    12. C.J. Spiller (115)
    13. Steve Smith, Carolina (126)

    I really wasn't trying to be a homer with three Cowboys but that's just how the draft fell out. I'm happy with the first half of my draft, Wells and the Jets D but i'm not too sure about everyone else. Collie is one more concussion away from being done and he might not have Manning as his QB for a little while at least. Rice doesn't have a QB either and he is an injury concern. Stewart and C.J. Spiller are #2 backs and haven't been consistent. I took a flier on Smith with my pick in the last round.

    What do you think?
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    Mccoy went to high, I don't know who else was avaible but I probably woulda went elsewhere.

    But I hate leagues that are still in this two RB start mode. FFL need to get with the program, this is a league geared for a passing attack, and less and less teams are having clear #1 RB's. It's not enough RBs in the league to get two starters plus a back-up. plus two RB's two WR's and two flex positions? too much for a 10 team. I woulda went one RB, 3 WR's and 1 flex position.
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    I played in a 12 man ppr league last year similar to that QB, 1RB, 2WR, 2Flex, 1TE, K D/ST

    Made for quite a few close games.
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    thats a real competitive linee-up for the league the way it is. I just had the out-dated Two Rb's one QB, two WR's, one TE. or flex league.
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    #6 is not too early for McCoy. In fact, his ADP* in a PPR league is 6th.
    I think the team looks strong. Week 5 will be tough due to the bye week, but otherwise you look good.

    *based on the first two Average Draft Position sites I looked at.
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    I didn't think McCoy at #6 was too early. Jamaal Charles was still available when i picked @ # 6 but i went with McCoy because he doesn't have to share the workload much and he plays for a potent offense. I had him last year and he severed me well.

    Week 5 will be tricky. I will have to pick up a QB for the week and go with everyone else i have on my roster (Roddy White, A. Collie, Sidney Rice, McCoy, Beanie Wells, and Johnathan Stewart or Steve Smith). As of now, the following QB's are available on the wire and I will go with one of the following for week 5, depending how they perform up until then.

    Cutler @ Det
    Garrard vs. Cin
    Orton vs. SD
    Cassel @ Ind
    Campbell @ Hou

    -A more immediate concern or a decision i need to make is who to drop so i can pick up a kicker for week 1. I looked at my match-up and i definitely can't go without a kicker. I'm thinking C.J. Spiller.

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