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Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Zone' started by muck4doo, Jul 22, 2013.

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    Two things. I'm looking to either join an active free CowboysZone league if there are any with openings, or start a new one with standard rules if there isn't. Now on to the 2nd and main thing I'm here for.

    I'm looking to start what I call a "waiver wire league"(Not sure if the idea has a name. Just what I call it from the rules I made.) for Cowboyszone if any are interested in joining. I can put it in any of the major free leagues out there. Any who want to join need to be very active, and on top of their game to have any success, so it won't be for casual players or beginners. Here's a description and general overview on a league constitution for one I already have going:

    This league is for the active player looking for a challenge, and keep you in a draft type setting through the season. You have no bench. There are no trades. There is no IR, and there are no free agents. Any player not claimed by a team is on waivers. Any player can be dropped, and will stay on waivers till someone claims him. You will most likely have an entirely different roster at the end of the season than the one you started with, but then so will your competition. To compete you will have to know about and learn to adjust to bye weeks, injuries, suspensions, and bad player match ups. All without a bench. Do you have what it takes?

    Waiver order each week will be based on reverse of the standings. Eliminated teams will not be allowed to add or drop once play-offs start. Since this league is focused heavily on playing the waiver wire, failed waiver claims will be viewable(Fox Leagues). There are reasons for this. Play off teams will re-seed after each round. Have fun, ,stay active, and on top of what is going on in player news and updates. Profanity allowed, but try to keep it limited and from going into the absurd or that will change.

    Roster size is only 8(QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, K, DST), so draft will be short. Make sure to show up or set pre-draft picks.
    Draft date can be done early as waiver wire will be deep in talent with teams not having benches if a player gets injured in pre-season. League will also be easy to pre-rank players if you autodraft since rosters are small.

    Reply here or message me if interested. League is ideal at 12 teams.
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    Interested.... never did anything like this (ff w/o a bench) but sounds like fun....

    Count me in

    I vote for an espn league

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