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Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Zone' started by Nav22, Sep 22, 2004.

  1. Nav22

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    Antonio Bryant at Washington...or David Terrell at Minnesota.

    Before everyone says "Bryant", consider this...

    Before going catchless last week at GB, Terrell had 5 catches for 126 vs Detroit. He is also considered the Bears #1 WR, while Bryant is #3 (arguably) for Dallas.

    Yes, I realize Bryant pretty much always lights up the Skins, but... in your honest opinions (no homerisms, please), who do you think would be the smarter choice to start?

    This has been eating at me all day! :(
  2. blindzebra

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    Both should have good games, but weather may be a factor in DC and Chicago just lost two starters in their secondary so the Bears will likely be playing catch up.
  3. AmarilloCowboyFan

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    I used Terrell last week and lost points on him. -3.5 points.

    He has never lived up to his draft spot.
  4. Waffle

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    I agree w/ BlindZebra. Go w/ Terrell. Good luck!
  5. k19

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    The last 2 games sums up Terrels career. Hes all or nothing and more nothing than all. I've steered away from him and recommend most people do the same. AB seems to be more consistant and with our "lack" of a running game I dont see us changing from the air to the ground any time soon. Hope that helps ya
  6. Nav22

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    Thanks for the opinions fellas, much appreciated!

    It's Friday, and I'm still not totally sure who I'm starting. It's probably gonna be a last minute decision.
  7. Mr. Fantasy

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    I've never been high on David Terrell, and i can only find 2 positives going into this game for Terrell:

    1. Minnesota is dead last in the NFL after two weeks of action, allowing an average of 289 passing yards per game and 3 TDs to date.
    2. He's the #1 receiver on the depth chart BUT he was only targeted once last week.

    Washington is playing solid pass defense this year, ranking 9th in the NFL allowing an average of 177 passing yards per game, with only a single score surrendered to date.

    I also like to consider the "targets" stat when i'm trying to figure out who to start. A target is defined as the QB attempting to throw a pass to the receiver. It does not take into account whether the receiver caught the pass or not. The pass could be dropped, deflected, defensed, or it could be a poor throw. In essence, targets vs receptions is measuring "intent" vs "success"

    David Terrell in week 1 had 9 targets. In week two, he had 2. For a total of 11 targets, 5.5 per game and a total of 5 receptions. His % receptions to target ratio is 45.5 %

    Antonio Bryant in week 1 had 11 targets. In week two, he had 5. For a total of 16 targets, 8 per game and a total of 11 receptions. His % receptions to target ratio is 68.8%

    I have to lean toward Bryant in this one. Especially if your league awards you points for receptions. I think he's more consistent than Terrell.

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