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Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Zone' started by EastDallasCowboy, Mar 23, 2006.

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    I know there's a seperate forum for this, but it's a bit dead and dealing with fantasy baseball atm. And since I never made an introduction thread when I came here, consider this that (came rom the DTX and DMN boards).

    I'm in a dynasty/auction style FF league going on 3 years now. Players are signed with team to contracts, and teams have salary caps. I'll give more info if anyone is interested, but the crux of it is that each team has a $1000 salary cap to draft/sign a 24 man team composed of QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 flex(RB/TE/WR), TE, K, Defense. Players carry over year to year (7 players per a team can be on contracts and exclusive players, 4 become restricted free agents whereby the owner of their rights can match offers), and the drafts are done auction style. This type of fantasy football is a year-round commitment, to say the least.

    Anyway, I won the championship last year, after a dreadful start, on the back of Larry Johnson, Edgerrin James, and Rudi Johnson among others (I didn't lose a single game once LJ replaced Priest).

    Point of all this is;

    I got a trade offer tonight of Reuben Droughns ($1 salary, ridiculously cheap...absolutely ridiculous) for DeShaun Foster(cheap for a starting RB at $35) and Chris Chambers (cheap at $15).

    I really like Chambers, he was the final cog (acquired in a trade for Heath Miller, before Chambers went off) to my team last year and was a great 2nd WR to Larry Fitzgerald. But I have been trying to move Foster ever since I drafted him because I think he's injury prone and, well, not that good. Droughns was extremely solid last year, and at the 1/1000 of my cap salary a steal.

    Would you pull the trigger?

    We now resume you regularly scheduled Cowboys programming.
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    No way! Chambers was in the top 3 in touchdowns last year and he is going to be a monster this coming year with Culpepper getting him balls. Stephen Davis was released and Foster was resigned to a long term deal, you need to stand pat, my friend.
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    I'm really uneasy about Foster though, the man is a walking injury. He's Fred Taylor 2.0

    But I think I may take your advice. Chambers is quite the stud.
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    I agree 100%. hang on to both, and ride off to another championship!!!

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