Fantasy football rookie - What's a good service to start with?

Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Zone' started by TruBlueCowboy, May 30, 2004.

  1. TruBlueCowboy

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    I've never really tried the fantasy sports games but I'd like to get into fantasy football this year and have a reason to read those box scores. ;)

    I was just wondering where should I start? What's a good service to start with? Free or pay, it doesn't matter to me. By the way, are you fellas thinking of starting a Cowboys Zone fantasy football league?
  2. Hostile

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    We had 5 leagues in here last year, all used Yahoo as the base of operations. I imagine we'll do the same this year. As the time gets closer someone will post a notice to gauge interest. From there the ball will be rolling.
  3. David

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    So this forum is'nt just for decoration huh?

    Maybe I'll chime in when this stuff get's rolling.
  4. CowboysFan02

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    You can count me in. Hopefully I dont have a FF sophmore slump. But I guess you would have to do better then .600 somthing to have a slump. :eek:
  5. Danny White

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    Are you talking about for advice or league management?

    For advice, I use they have a good service that provides a customizable "cheat sheet" for draft day and they also give weekly updates and news throughout the season.
  6. Kangaroo

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    But it no longer has a free version arrg

    Anyway the key to winning fantasy football is not your 1st pick that is usally easy (unless they go down with an injury)

    Guys like LT; manning; Jamal Lewis if he plays etc etc

    The way to win is your mid round picks and late picks guys you gambled on passing over a big name that has a break out year

    I picked up Robert Fergson and the end of the bench and he saved me in a stretch when i had injuries to my wr core

    Manning cost me the final in FF 2 years ago I went undefeated into the finals then Manning had his worse game of the year for me I almost beneched him out of a gut feeling in favor of Burnell if i would have I would have one I only lost by 1 stupid point but no I had to stay with the horse that got me there :mad:

    The next I only lost 3 games including the final but I was limping in with 2 big time injuries to my main point guys and still only lost buy 3

    Then last year I missed the draft because I had to take a day off work and help with the Kids
    stupid yahoo auto drafted for me and picked a freakin lame arse team my only qb was Mike Vick who was out with injury untill like week 15 and yahoo drafted another player for me out for the year with injury and you can imagine what I had left to pick from it was amazing I even made the playoffs :mad:
  7. TruBlueCowboy

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    Well, I bought my first fantasy football preview magazine yesterday. LOL I don't even know what stats score the most points so its useless to me at the moment but it's a nice stat read. :D
  8. Kangaroo

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    But also it depends on how the league is setup

    Like Yahoo you can customize the league to all freakin go on points

    You have your traditional Fantsay Football

    2 RB
    1 defense

    But there are leagues where you have to draft defense players to etc etc

    So watch the point thing it is not always the same it depends on how your league you join is setup

    Do this once you join the league look at howthe points system is set and then start planning your draft from there.

    Good Luck
  9. jcollins28

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    I can't wait for FF to get going. I'm back to back Super Bowl Champions at I will be running a team there along with a keeper team at ESPN and one of our boards league's on Yahoo.

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