Recommended Fantasy Front Office: Sell us on a Free Agent

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Chris in Arizona, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. Zimmy Lives

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    I'll take one, please!
  2. Zimmy Lives

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    Take him, too! Since this is fantasy there is no harm in wishing that McDonald Clifton) and Starks could be in the DT rotation this fall.
  3. Chris in Arizona

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    Very good call. Asamoah (age 25), Frederick (age 22), and Tyron (23) would be fixtures on this line for a very long time.

    If we take a mid-round flier on USC's Marcus Martin (only 20) we would have the potential to have a solid O Line for many years.
    Martin (6-3/310) was a 17-year old starting freshman Guard for the Trojans, started there again as a sophomore, and then moved to Center before his junior campaign (named All-Pac-12). Can provide depth behind Frederick and Leary now and then step in at Left Guard if Leary's knee issues limit his effectiveness.
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  4. slick325

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    Nice thread idea OP.

    I would like to sell Linval Joseph DT from the NY Giants. He would be a perfect fit at the1 technique and doesn't turn 26 until October. Former 2nd round pick from East Carolina who is stout against the run and is able to push the pocket on pass plays. Has not fully reached his potential yet and under Marinelli and Leon Lett he could blossom. His price may not be as steep as some would think. He isn't as celebrated (Pro Bowl honors) as Henry Melton, Jason Hatcher, or Paul Soliai who should drive the market for DT's. All of them come with warts (Melton's injury history and recent brush with the law and Hatcher's age) so the price tag may be reasonable for a DT. 4yrs 24mil with 10-12 guaranteed could be the price tag for Joseph.

    Landing him enables Dallas to grab a 3 tech in round 2 if the player they like is off the board at pick 16 or 17 in round 1. The Boys would be plucking him from a division rival who has depth at the DT position already with Cullen Jenkins and Jonathan Hankins (a 2013 Round 2 pick). Weakening a division rival, adding young talent and easing the draft process are all pluses. Joseph teamed with Aaron Donald, Jernigan, or Tuitt in round 1 or Quarles, Sutton or Easley in round 2 will be a talented combo. Especially if Dallas can land Kony Ealy in round 1 and one of the round 2 DT's I mentioned. DL will be a strength and substantially younger and deeper.

    It all starts with signing Linval Joseph. Think 2012 when Dallas paid Carr and still drafted Mo in the 1st because CB was a grave need.......Jerry does it again this offseason except at the DT position.
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  5. DBOY3141

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    You have me sold with that post. I live in Carolina so saw him play a few times at ECU, good player.
  6. slick325

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    Thanks...I like him in a rotation with Hayden at the 1 technique.

    Liked your idea of Wooten from the Bears as well. Good player and familiar with the system. I wouldn't be opposed to grabbing Wooten or Henry Melton to be honest.
  7. LatinMind

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    No freeagents. people always use the word retreads, and other peoples baggage. That is until FA comes, then they always want the top FAs and this thread is no different. I say build through the draft.
  8. Chris in Arizona

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    Adding FA doesn't mean adding huge names. Smart teams use free agency to address needs.

    Your idea of building through the draft means we are taking last year's 8-8 team, minus outgoing free agents and cap cuts, plus a few injured but unproven players, and only adding 2 maybe 3 impact players from the draft. Hard to take the next step only adding 2 improvements per year.
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  9. AsthmaField

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    Yeah, I wouldn't like to go crazy like the Redskins did for years, but I would like to target one or two guys who could really help at a position of need and try to bring them in. A guy like Greg hardy or Linval Joseph would be ideal. Might be a tad pricey but they can clear up the room. Either one of them would fill a big need on the DL and in Hardy's case, would allow us to let a high priced guy go in Spencer, negating his cost to a degree.
  10. coult44

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    The SB will most likely be won by the biggest FA signing in NFL history. Without him, it wouldn't have mattered what they did in the draft. Our brass is to dumb to build through the draft only. We have too many needs to use only the draft to get out of this hole. We must at the very least, use FA to address S and DT. If not, we start all over next season with a complete new coaching staff. Do y'all really want to do that?
  11. TrailBlazer

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    Dallas needs to make sure they can get pressure on opposing qb's. I'm on record as saying we need 3 new defensive starters next year, at minimum. Whether it be through the draft or FA. I don't see us being big players in FA, much like last year(Durant). I can see us picking up one potential starter in FA. And the player will be fairly reasonable contract. My guess would be Cory Wooten from the bears or Michael Johnson from the bengals. Either one would drastically improve our dline. Preferably, I want a stud DE like Johnson that can get to the qb. He would provide pressure on opposing qb's, which will be key in 2014.

    A guy I would like to see Dallas pick on day 3 would be OLB Jerimiah Attaochu. I watched him play at Georgia Tech early this season, he is a sack master. I googled him and have been following him ever since. I could just see his potential.
    His draft stock has been gradually increasing since then. First he was considered 5-7 round pick, now some scouts have him as high as round 3. If he's there in the 4th, I'd take him. he would push carter and Wilbur for starting spots and would provide good depth and ST play. 12 sacks and 15.5 tackles for loss this season for jerimiah. He sacked Aaron Murray 4 times in one game. The kid can play. He played DE and LB for Georgia Tech. High ceiling for this kid and would improve our front seven, which should be our priority in the draft.
    I'll add another late round pick, marion grice RB Arizona state. He's the elusive back that linehan could use like Reggie bush. Draft projections have him being selected around the fifth round. 4-4 speed, 6 foot 207 pounds. He was a big reason Arizona state played for a PAC 12 championship this past year. Very good at making ppl miss in open space and can catch passes and return kicks as well as playing special teams. If linehan wants a Reggie bush type player(and he thinks Dunbar is not that guy), then marion grice would fit the bill.
  12. Chris in Arizona

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    I like Johnson a ton. In fact, I lost my mind when we passed on him in 2009 for Jason Williams. He will be very expensive though. I don't think we could clear enough cap room to get him.

    Jason Williams did not remind me of Patrick Willis. He was incredibly overrated. Michael Johnson was huge, athletic, and still raw.
    Whoever said he was like Willis (Wade?) was dead wrong.
  13. TrailBlazer

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    Yeah that Jason Williams pick was a huge miss by our scouting dept. Jerry must have thought dline wasn't a need. I think we could clear enough cap space to sign Johnson if he would agree to sign a reasonable fair market contract. Then we could focus on getting DTs in round 1 and 2. Or maybe go safety in round 2 if someone we like is still on the board.

    Our dline would look like this.
    spencer?crawfor.. Rook..rook..Johnson
  14. Alexander

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    By many accounts, Jason Williams was a Wade Phillips recommendation. When you have a GM that listens to the man who makes the most persuasive case instead of having his own eye for talent, you are going to have mistakes when you have coaches and even old detached cronies making the recommendations.

    That is the great thing about Dallas. Things are so muddled and confused, nobody is truly accountable. If you try to hold the GM responsible, he can just bless himself out in the mirror.

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