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Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Zone' started by MrMom, Dec 9, 2008.

  1. MrMom

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    All right I've got a nice situation at RB, I'm starting three. Which three, though?

    D. Williams home vs. Den
    J. Stewart home vs. Den
    M. Turner home vs. TB
    S. Slaton home vs. Ten

    Right now I'm leaning towards starting both Carolina backs with Turner as my third. I'm torn between Turner and Slaton. I feel like that Bucs defense could come back with a vengeance after getting dominated and shut down Turner (he had a poor game earlier in the year against the Bus), and Slaton had a very good day against Ten when they played earlier in the year (116 rushing yards and a touchdown).


    In my other league I've suffered a slew of injuries...Brady, Graham, Felix, Schaub...anyway I still managed the playoffs. We have two RBs, two Wrs, and a flex option, meaning either a third RB or WR. My top two RBs are Forte and Chris Johnson. My top two WRs are Wayne and Jennings. Needless to say I'm not touching any of those guys. For my flex option I have a few different choices...

    Hightower home vs. Min
    Choice home vs. NYG
    Kevin Walter home Vs. Ten

    Hightower is pretty useless unless he gets into the endzone, and against that tough MIN run D, I don't see that happening. If Barber is out again this week I'm probably going to go with Choice. If Barber is back then I feel comfortable with Walter, although he faces a tough Pass D.

  2. QT

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    If it's a points per catch league then Slaton for sure. I would do Slaton, Williams, and Turner. Not sure if those two (Williams and Stewart) will both go off again.
  3. ajk23az

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    For your RB situation I think you have to start Turner and DeAngelo (on ESPN he has something like 5 straight week with 25+ points, incredible). The 3rd RB IMO should be Stewart as he always gets at least 10+ carries and is up against a very soft Denver run D.

    Titans rush defense is still one of the tops in the league.

    In the other situation, I think you have it right. If Barber is out, play Choice. If he's in, play Walter.
  4. QT

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    But I do hope Stewart goes off. I HAVE to start him because freakin Jacobs will have like 10 carries and possibly Marion Barber is a questionable points performer this week.
  5. Chreph

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    I have AP, Slaton, and Stewart but can only play 2... I would normally play slaton but I have a bad feeling about the matchup. If only JStew's carries weren't so inconsistant :(
  6. QT

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    I would do AP and Slaton for sure. Stewart is just in my lineup b/c Brandon Jacobs is questionable. Slaton is the main guy and will get most of the carries. Probability wise, Slaton gives you more of a chance then Stewart, but that's IMO....
  7. ethiostar

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    I would start williams, stewart, and turner.

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